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Hello everyone. My name is Kirstie Morales. Welcome to a blog dedicated to my hobbies. I’ll mainly be writing about Dramas, Books, Kpop and Anime, but I have a section in which I can freely stray off those topics. If you’d like to know a little bit more about each section please read the short description I have provided below each banner. I hope you all enjoy reading and commenting on my blog. Thank you very much for stopping by.01helloHello Readers is the section on my blog dedicated to everything else apart from the 4 main topics. Sometimes I really want to blog about other things I like and this is the section for it. So far I have blog posts related to shows I’ve seen, places I’ve visited, among other things. Enjoy!01draThe Dramas section on my blog is dedicated to everything related to Korean, Taiwanese and or Japanese dramas. It contains Preview Reactions, First Impressions and Final Thoughts about the dramas I’ve watch. Be on the look out for blog posts about Dramas from Thailand. I’ve recently discovered them.01boThe Books section of my blog is dedicated to my love of reading. I plan on writing blog posts about my visits to many bookstores in Puerto Rico, book reviews, recommendations posts, among anything else related to talking about books. I’m really excited to get on board with this section and start writing in it.01kpThe Kpop section of my blog will be dedicated to everything related to the industry. Be it my opinion on music videos, teasers, idols, variety shows, etc. It’s a new year, and I’m looking forward to all the new music.01anThe Anime section of my blog will be dedicated to any animated show I choose to talk about. I’ve fallen behind on watching anime ever since I started university, but I graduated already and hope to catch up. I recently participated in the 12 Days of Anime event from YouTube by blogging. Check that out if you are interested.01

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