We Broke Up|Preview Reaction

we broke up preview reaction

When I heard that Dara would be on another web drama I was really happy for her. I’m one of those Black Jacks who is excited to see Dara doing solo projects. I hope more people get to know her and 2NE1 as well. I was also really surprised to see she would be acting along side WINNER’s leader, Seung Yoon. Those two look very cute together.05

Let me start off by saying that they look so cute together. Okay. Moving On. So basically these two teasers are about Woo-ri (Dara) and Won-yeong (SeungYoon) expressing how they feel about living with each other. They both seem to be pretty annoyed with each other. Though they do pay much attention to each other because both speak very much in detail of what they dislike about the other. Living together after a break up. Awkward! On another note, I really like what Dara is wearing in her teaser and how frustrated she looks. Poor SeungYoon’s character, he seems really annoyed yet melancholiac at the end of his last line. It may have not ended well between both characters but they may still have feelings for each other. Or not.

We Broke Up tells the story of a young couple that end up living together after their break up. I really liked how they decided to make the teasers of them bickering about one another. It’s a funny way to be introduced to the characters and their relationship with each other. For those of you who want to watch the drama, you can do so by visiting the playlist of the drama on the YGEntertainment YouTube channel. I’m not a drama marathoner but I know it’s much better to have the episodes organized in a playlist. I’m definetly going to take some time to watch this drama. Maybe today perhaps?

Have any of you watched this web drama? Did you like it? Tell me about it? No spoiler please!

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