Visiting the new #linefriendsstore in NYC

Visiting the new #linefriendsstore in NYC

Yesterday all I wanted to do after 2:00 pm was get on a train and head home. I was tired, stressed out and over everything. But on my way to the subway station, I stumbled upon a post on Facebook about Line Friends in NYC.  It said that their store on 1515 Broadway would be celebrating its grand opening. Since it was only a 20-minute ride from where I worked, and I really needed to find something to cheer me up, I decided to take the bus and head to the new #linefriendsstore. Not to mention, I’ve only seen a couple of products at the Kpop store over in Korea Town and was curious to see what other things would be available.

Locating the Store
Visiting the new #linefriendsstore in NYC

I decided to get off at Bryant Park and make my way through Time Square towards the store. It didn’t take me long to find it because of the video promotions that were being played on a big screen right above it. When I got to the store, I had to wait in line for about 15 minutes before being granted access to it. Which wasn’t so bad because it gave me the opportunity to take some pictures while i waited. Also, everyone on the line got a Line Friends fan with a really cute design to celebrate the grand opening of the store.

Visiting the new #linefriendsstore in NYC

So when I entered the store the first thing that caught my eye was the giant teddy bear in the entrance of the store. It was so big and cute that people couldn’t help take pictures with it. And who could blame them? It was a perfect prop for all those looking to take pictures at the store. (If I had a friend with me that day, I would have probably taken a picture with the teddy bear too. ) After walking away from it, I proceeded to make my way through the store. I spend about 30 minutes going around looking at the products they had available. And even though many seemed to have fallen in love with the stuffed animals, I was really happy just focusing on the stationery section in the store. Here are some of the pictures I was able to take while exploring it:

After that, I waited about 30 minutes more on the line to pay the two sets of Line Friends stickers I had decided to buy, and called it a day. And yes, I know 30 minutes is a long time but considering the number of people that were there, I was pretty lucky.

Overall, the store had a very nice layout and it was pretty easy to get around. There were a variety of products and staff were always helpful and polite about pointing out the location of products and what was available. Also, I really liked the sections decorated for those looking to take pictures for Instagram. (They kind of looked like sets for a show.)

I really enjoyed going around and taking pictures. At the end of the day, I was glad I made the decision to visit the store to get rid of my stress.

Did anyone else visit the store that day? What were your opinions on it? Who’s your favorite Line Friend? Let me know.

Photography by Kirstie Morales - All Rights Reserved
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