Top 5 January 2016 Dramas

Top 5 January 2016 Dramas

Happy New Year everyone! First 2016 blog post about dramas.

Another drama watching year has come and left, and there are many new dramas starting right away in 2016. So as always, I checked articles about new upcoming dramas, videos about others top dramas to watch at the beginning of the year, among other content to make a small list. The list is made up of Korean dramas only because I haven’t had the time to look up information on new Japanese or Taiwanese dramas. And even though I have a long to watch list from 2015, I couldn’t help but go on Hancinema to finally choose the top 5 January 2014 dramas I want to watch.

Neighborhood Hero is about an ex-secret agent with a painful past who, after leaving his previous life behind, meets a young man who he later begins to train in order to help the locals with their problems. This drama stars Park Si-Hoo, Lee Soo-Hyeok, Kwon YooRi (SNSD), Jo Seong-Ha, among others.

I’ve always loved dramas centered around investigation or a police force theme. Which is mainly why I want to watch this drama. I’ve watched dramas like Vampire Prosecutor, You’re All Surrounded, Sensory Couple, Dating Agency Cyrano and have really enjoyed them. I’m also excited to see more of SiHoo’s acting. I’ve only watched one of his dramas, and after the controversy, I thought I wouldn’t get to see him in another drama. But he’s back in action. Literally. 05moorim-school1

Moorim School aka Martial Arts School is a drama about a school that is very different from other typical academic institutions. This school doesn’t focus mainly on high academic scores. It’s focuses on helping the students learn about virtues such as honesty and communication. Even though everyone in the school, students and teachers alike, come from various parts of the country, they will have to face the upcoming challenges together. This drama stars Shin Hyeon-Joon, Lee HyunWoo, Seo Ye-Ji, HongBin (VIXX), among others.

First of all, I really liked the scenes in the first teaser. Anything that has martial arts in it is definitely going to gain my attention. It looks like some of the lead characters are fighters which is interesting. Second of all, I’ve wanted to see more of HyunWoo’s acting ever since To The Beautiful You and now I’ll get the chance to. Also HongBin from VIXX is in the drama, and I’ve never seen him act so I’m looking forward to that as well. Not to mention, the female leads look skillful and capable which is always a plus. Confident female leads are always welcomed to me.05madam-antoine1

Madam Antoine is a romantic comedy with a psychological focus. Go Hye Rim (Han Ye Seul) is famous fortune teller known as Madame Antoine who insists that she is spiritually connected to Marie Antoinette. Which is of course actually a lie. What is interesting about her is that she is able to see through people’s stories because of her keen sense and intelligence. One day she takes part of a psychological test project conducted by Choi Soo Hyun (SungJoon). He is a psychotherapist whose goal is to prove that true love does not exist. The coincidence in this is that the treatment center where the test is being held is also called Madame Antoine. This drama stars Han Ye Seul, Sung joo, JinWoon (2AM), Seoung Eon among others.

Anything that has a psychological theme to it automatically grabs my attention. Not to mention my favorite drama of all time is of that topic. Also I like Sung Joon’s acting, and I want to see him in a role like this one. He already had a character which was a hypnotherapist, but we all know how that character turned out. So I’m curious to see the differences between this new character and the last one he played. On top of that, I’ve never seen a drama in which Ye Seul is in, so that’ll be a first for me.05cheese-in-the-trap1

Cheese in the trap is a drama based on a web toon with the same title. It portrays the fragile relationship between two university students; Hong Seol and YooJung. Hong Seol is a part-time worker with a poor family, and YooJung is handsome, smart and kind but with a dark side. This drama stars Park Hae Jin, Kim Go Eun, Seo Kang Joon among others.

The synopsis wasn’t really enough to catch my attention at first. It wasn’t until I saw a couple of cut scenes from Dramafever’s YouTube channel that I became interested in it. I really like the protagonist’s hair, and she has some spunk which is always nice to see. I also like their interactions, and I don’t know about everyone else, but sometimes I’m a bit creeped out by YooJung. He has this expression sometimes that makes me want to tell the protagonist to run far away from him. I want to know why the sinopsis says he has a dark side. I’m so curious yeah! (SHINee reference anyone?) The drama has already started airing, so I’ll wait to at least 6 episodes are out to start watching it.05puck1

Puck! is about a man named Joon Man who has no choice but to start working for a gang boss due to his ex-wife’s debt. Despite his warm personality, he starts working as a loan shark, and in order to collect the debt of an ice hockey coach, he decides to join the team. This drama stars Lee Kwang-Soo, Soo Hyun, Hae Kyun, among others.

I’ve been a fan of Kwang Soo for many years because of Running Man, but I’ve only ever seen one of his dramas. Knowing that, I had to add this drama to the list. Also, this two episode drama is perfect for me to write a My Final Thoughts blog post which I haven’t in a while. So I’m looking forward to watching it. Even though I’m probably going to end up complaining about why the drama is so short. Let’s see. 05

There’s a little bit of everything in this list which is what a like. January is starting on the right foot. Comment down below which January drama you are looking forward to or if you are interested in any of these. 🙂

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