Top 3 April 2016 Dramas

Top 3 April 2016 Dramas

While checking out information about the synopsis of the k-drama Entertainer, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to write a Top April 2016 Dramas blog post. Weeks had gone by and that was the only drama that had caught my attention. That is until I went to check MyDramaList yesterday and stumbled upon two Japanese dramas that captured my interest. Finally, it’s been two years since I watched a j-drama, and I’m happy to include them on my to watch list.

Toto Nee-chan

basic3Toto Nee Chan tells the story of Tsuneko, the eldest daughter of the Kohashis, who at the age of 11 lost her father Takezo who died of tuberculosis. As she decided to take to heart her father’s teachings of the importance of ordinary life, she became the paternal figure of the family thus becoming ‘Toto One-chan’. As it would be expected, she struggled to be the head of the household at first. Yet after the war and during the devastated state Tokyo was left in, she decides to launch a lifestyle magazine for females titled “Your Life”, alongside her younger sisters Mariko and Yoshiko, which would contain various practical articles for readers to related to . Also with the help of a genius editor named Hanayama Isaji, the maganize became essential to all females living in a period of great economic growth.

What really caught my attention when reading the synopsis was the launching of a magazine. When I was a university student, I worked for a semester as the editor of the English Department’s magazine titled “The Spot”. So in that sense, I could somewhat relate to the character. Other than that, I’m just really curious about how she’s going to start the magazine, how it’s going to look and how her family will play a role in the success of this idea. I want to see how she’s able to deal with being the head of the family while working on the magazine. It’s great to be able to watch the journey of a young female magazine founder.



Entertainer centers its story around Shin Suk Ho (JiSung), a man who was once the director of the biggest and most successful entertainment company. Nowadays, he’s the CEO of a low ranked agency filled with pathetic rookies. As he tries to form a new band, he’ll experience various struggles and incidents that will help him become a genuine and successful manager.

Entertainer tells the story of various people coming together to form a band.

I think it’s obvious why I wanted to watch this drama. After falling in love with Kill Me, Heal Me and Ji Sung’s acting, I was determined to continue to watch his dramas. Which is why when it was announced that Ji Sung would be the lead in this drama, I of course put in on my to watch list and proceeded to check out all the promotional pictures and teasers. I’m also looking forward to watching CN Blue’s MinHyuk acting. I really liked his character in Heartstrings and The Heirs, so I’m hoping he does well in Entertainer as well.  Not to mention, the drama falls under the music category which I always tend to enjoy. Nothing better than a drama will good music, an emotional story line and good actors. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

Omukae Desu

basic1Tsutsumi Madoka is a university student who rarely expresses his feelings. He’s the type of person who has never done anything impulsive in life. That is until one night, he sees an old man and a pink rabbit physically struggling. The pink rabbit is startled by Madoka’s stare and proceeds to ask him if he can see them both. After realizing he can, the rabbit introduces itself as the Angel of Death and tells Madoka that the old man is actually the ghost of the man who died yesterday. And since Madoka has begun to see things he’s not supposed to, he becomes involved with the Angels of Death Nabeshima and Yuzuko. From there on, he works to solve dead people’s regrets by letting them possess his body so they can solve unfinished business and finally rest in peace.

This drama is based on the manga series titled Omukae Desu by Meka Tanaka.

When it comes to this drama, my interest is based solely on getting to know how Madoka will help the spirit of the dead. How are the spirits going to deal with their unresolved problems while being in Madoka’s body? Now that’ll be interesting to see. Also, I’m curious about his reaction when getting to know this whole side of the human world he did not know existed. Seems to me that there will be much development in his character since he’s the type of person that keeps to himself and is by no means impulsive. And yet, helping the Angels of Death will require him to be quite the opposite. On the other hand, I’m a bit worried about the whole pink rabbit thing. Honestly, I hope the rabbits aren’t a cheap cheesy knock off of the manga. I can’t say how much that would really annoy me. Hoping for the best.Designed by Freepik
Even though this month I only found three I really wanted to watch, I am satisfied with the story lines. I’m also happy to be watching some Japanese dramas. It’s been way too long since I have. For those of you watching dramas, tell me which other April dramas you are watching. Better yet, which May drama are you excited to watch. 🙂

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