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2012-09-23_1348381299I decided to write a Throwback Thursday Tuesday because I really needed an excuse to put all my K-pop classics in one post. I started listening to K-pop in 2009 after watching Boys Over Flowers, searching for the OST tracks and finding out that there was such a thing among musical genres called K-pop. Naturally I began looking for groups in this genre and hoping that someone would have at least uploaded a 480p square video on YT to check them out. News flash, YT 2014 is NOTHING compared to YT 2009 and I’m very thankful to all those who somehow were able to upload music videos/variety shows and took the time to subtitle them. You guys are an esencial part of the K-pop worldwide community. After searching hours on the internet, I stumbled upon many groups such as BigBang, 2NE1, SNSD, SS501, SHINee, FT Island and a couple more. I really liked the diversity in music video themes and the fusion of other musical genres in the K-pop music videos I watched. Not to mention I was actually having fun listening to new songs and observing new music videos. Which was the opposite experience I was having with USA main stream music at the time. Most people these days are weirded out by K-pop or anything unfamiliar to them, but back then I wasn’t at all. Ever since 2009 I have followed the genre closely and have become a fan of many more artists. Though I have my F4 (main fandoms); TVXQ ( and yes this includes all 5 of them because I support them all and I want it to be F4 like the drama), 2NE1, BigBang and B2ST. Coincidentally these are some of the first groups I listened to with the exception of TVXQ.

-queue the sad music-


I learned about TVXQ in 2010 when someone contacted me on Myspace and realized my wall was full of K-pop songs/pictures. She introduced me to their song titled Mirotic, I liked it and then found myself looking for more of their songs. I found out that they had just released a song titled Toki wo tomete and I completely fell in love with it. Not to mention it was a Japanese song and I adore anime soundtracks. Shortly and unfortunately after, because I’m a lucky charm, I decided to follow the group’s progress only to be shocked with the news that 3 of the members where leaving the group do to conflicts with their slave contract company. Total bummer.

Moving on. It’s 2014 and so many groups have debuted and things have surely changed. Social media has been in the forefront of K-pop promotions and it’s much easier now to follow a group’s progress by watching 1080p subtitled music videos/variety shows/interviews, following official or fan dedicated Twitter accounts, clicking like on a Facebook Fan Page to receive up to date feed on your group, joining a Facebook Group of your fandom, etc. Many more awesome songs have been released with the addition of many more group debutes, but there’s just something special about the classics that no one can beat. So I wanted to share with you all the beauty and excitement of my K-pop past. These songs are classics to me because they were some of the first songs I listened to and really enjoyed. Some of the songs I will mention are those that all K-popers should know o have at least heard about. Such as Gee, Haru Haru, It’s You, Fire, Shock and many more.

These types of songs are those that each member of that respective fandom should, in my opinion, know about. There are also songs that may not be considered popular among the general public, but since I like them they’ve been added to my K-pop classic repertoire. Fancy. So take a step back and enjoy the ride back in time with My favorite Kpop Classics playlist. 06

2008: Big Bang – Haru Haru | 2AM – This Song | SHINee – Noona is so pretty | Wonder Girls – So Hot | TVXQ – Mirotic |
2009: SNSD – Gee | SS501 – Because I’m stupid | After School – Because of you | U-Kiss – Am I that easy? |FT Island – Bad Woman | Super Junior – It’s You | 2PM – Again and Again |2NE1 – Fire | Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
2010: Kara – Lupin | Davichi – Time Please Stop | T-ara – Why are you being like this | MBLAQ – “Y” | B2ST – Shock | 4Minute – Huh | F(x) – NU ABO

06That’s my playlist. I know it’s a long one but to me it’s worth it. K-pop has changed a lot over the years. Groups have become more popular and have ventured into many concepts and styles. Once in a while it’s good to look back and appreciate the old days.

I decided to stop at 2010 because I’m planning on writing additional Kpop Throwbacks later on. I’ll definitely keep in mind adding groups like Miss A, INFINITE, CN BLUE and many more. So I want to know from you guys. Tell me which of these songs is your favorite and/or which song you would have added to the list. Leave your comment in the section below.

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