Tasting Japanese Snacks in Puerto Rico

A couple of days ago, one of my BFFs, her name is Zujeily, posted a message on my Facebook saying she had brought some snacks from an Asian market in Condado (San Juan) for me to try. First of all, that was enough to make me emotional. Gifting food to me is the most beautiful thing you can do. Just goes to show you that BFFs know best. Second of all, I was excited to try some new snacks. I’ve been seeing around social media all these awesome reviews on Korean and Japanese subscription boxes with snacks, and I’d become curious to know how the taste differs from the snacks here in Puerto Rico. Also, I thought it’d give me a chance to write my opinion in regards to taste. I’m no food expert, but I enjoy watching others give their opinion on snacks and thought I’d be nice to do so as well. So yesterday night, when Zujeily came by to my house to give me the snacks, I decided to be patient and wait until today to take the pictures I needed, write this blog post and finally indulge.

The Snacks!


Koala’s March by Lotte

Koala’s March is a bite sized snack with a sweet filling. This snack is made by Lotte and was first released in Japan, and later became available in March of 1984 in the United States with the name “Koala Yummies”. I also read that Koala’s March supports the Australian Koala Foundation, a conservation group. That’s actually pretty cool.km

What I find cute about these snacks is that they are in the shape of koalas doing various activities. They definitely have that “kawaii” aspect to them. Which I bet was one of the reasons my friend felt an interest towards them. I also liked the hexagon shape of the box and the packaging design. When it came down to the flavors, I was happy to find out that various different fillings are available such as honey, vanilla, cafe latte, banana, strawberry, chocolate, white chocolate and pineapple, which is rarer than the rest. But unfortunately, only strawberry and chocolate filled Koala’s March are available in the United States. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll have the chance to try the other flavors later on.

Yummy or Not?

When I opened the hexagon box, I found that the cookies were in a lovely gray plastic bag covered in purple koalas. It looked so lovely. Once I opened the bag, a strong strawberry scent came rushing out which actually smelled similar to Starburst. The koala pictures were nicely drawn, the cookies were crunchy and tasty, and the strawberry filling wasn’t as sweet as I expected. Which is something I actually liked. I felt like it didn’t overpower the taste of the cookie. Very nice. Definitely a yummy rating for me.

Yan Yan by Meiji Seika

Yan Yan comes in a package with two compartments; one for the biscuit sticks and the other for the filling. This snack also comes in a variety of fillings such as strawberry, chocolate, yogurt frosting, mango, vanilla cream and the new editions, hazelnut and chocolate sticks with vanilla cream. Also, they’ve added a Yan Yan with two dipping compartments has been made. Oh gosh! That sounds delicious.

Yummy or Not?

yyThe first thing that caught my attention when looking at the box where the sticks. Here in Puerto Rico, we have similar products to Yan Yan, but none have anything written on them. So imagine my surprise when I open the box and see a drawing of a duck and a phrase that says” go for a swim”. They look so cute that I actually wanted to take pictures of them instead of eating them. I think it’s something I’dll definitely buy for my friend’s kids in the future. The biscuit sticks were crunchy and the chocolate filling was tasty as well. Just what I expected. Also, I really liked the number of biscuit sticks available and the length of each one. As a kid, I’d always feel like I was cheated out of my money because the sticks were always so short. But that’s not the case with Yan Yan. Also, there’s definitely enough to share with anyone around or to indulge yourself. On the other hand, my only negative criticism is regarding the size of the filling compartment. Compared to the size of the biscuit sticks, it’s a bit too small. If the compartment were a bit longer and had more filling, this snack would be perfect. Nevertheless, it was definitely yummy!

Pocky by Glico

Pocky is a Japanese snack produced by Ezaki Glico which was first released to the public in 1966. This snack is basically a biscuit stick cover in chocolate. Just like the other two snacks, Pocky has also added throughout the years’ many other flavors to coat the biscuit stick. Some of these flavors are strawberry, almond, milk, mousse, green tea, honey, banana, coconut, chocolate banana, cookies & cream, milk chocolate, etc.

Yummy or not?p

I’ve tried the chocolate and strawberry flavored Pocky before and surprisingly enjoyed the strawberry flavored one the most. This time around, I think they are both my favorites. I really liked that most of the biscuit stick was covered in chocolate and that the amount of chocolate on it didn’t mask the taste of the biscuit. I could actually taste both which personally was what I was looking. Both tasted delicious to me. One thing to look out for over indulging. Since they are so thin, it’s easy to not become aware right away of the number of biscuit sticks you have already eaten. So be careful with that. Save a bit for later. And yet again, another yummy rating for me. 

Side note: I’m actually satisfied with the amount of sticks available in the box, because I shared some with my mom and dad, and had enough to go back to my room and enjoy. It’s definitely a snack for sharing. Even though, I kind of didn’t want to. Well, just a little. 

These snacks were all delicious. I think I’ll have to pass by the nearest Asian market to but them again. My mom and dad liked them as well, so I’ll need to hide the snacks from them too. Just kidding. Have any of you tasted these snacks? What did you think of them? Do any of you have any other snacks you’d like to recommend me. I’d be happy to try new ones. Let me know in the comment section below.

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