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Some of us are just meant to walk with ourselves. Don’t be sad or worry for our fate. We just see the world with different eyes and a different heart. We seek happiness in the hardest of places. Because we see beyond the social construct of what it is to be happy. – Yoricua

Like a room that has lost all source of light and is kindly visited by a firefly. I hold on to the things that make me happy desperately. As if my life depended on it. – Yoricua

I want to thank everyone that was present from 2010-2014. You guys have given me the best memories of my entire existence. Those memories encourage me to make new ones. Even though I feel excluded, I’m here for those who still keep me in mind. Some say you can never go forward if you are stuck in the past. But right now, the past is the only thing motivating me to move forward. – Yoricua

I remember when I had a room. My first room was in 2010. For the first time I was able to decorate my walls with posters, a bulletin board and frames. I was able to buy bookshelves and a desk for my tv and computer. It was my space. A secure and happy place. I remember when I had something that was mine. – Yoricua

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