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As a fan of many of the Hong Sisters dramas, it comes to no surprise my excitement or motive to watch this new fantasy based Kdrama. And last month’s announcement of the final cast and more or less what the drama would be about, just helped build up my anticipation for it. Specifically the fact that the drama would be somewhat of a reinterpretation of “Journey to the West”. A novel I enjoyed watching movies about when I was a kid. Also, I can’t be the only one else excited

When I heard that Dara would be on another web drama I was really happy for her. I’m one of those Black Jacks who is excited to see Dara doing solo projects. I hope more people get to know her and 2NE1 as well. I was also really surprised to see she would be acting along side WINNER’s leader, Seung Yoon. Those two look very cute together.

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