Soon to Watch: Hwarang [K-Drama]

Soon to Watch: Hwarang [K-Drama]

Many months ago when the drama was being teased around Twitter, I wasn’t really that interested. I did add the drama to my to watch list” because I love historical dramas, and would check up on it from time to time to see what it’d be about. But there wasn’t really much to look forward to back then. It wasn’t until I saw the first group teaser pick, with the entire main cast, including the female lead, in what look like some sort of officer/warrior uniform, that I really wanted to know more about it.

The male leads looked promising, not just because they were handsome, but also because I’ve seen some of their acting in others dramas, and was excited to see how they’d do in a historical drama. To mention a few, there’s Park Seo Joon who I liked in “Kill Me, Heal Me”, Jo Yoon-Woo who I remember from “Dating Agency: Cyrano”, and Minho. Who by the way, I haven’t seen act since “To the Beautiful You”, but was still looking forward to getting to know him more as an actor. There’s also, Park Hyung-Sik’s, whom I’ve heard so many positive things about. And Go Ah Ra, whose characters I’ve enjoyed watching in the past and was really looking forward to seeing what type of character she’d play. In the teaser picture, she was wearing a uniform just like the rest of the men, and even though you should never get your hopes up over a teaser picture, I couldn’t help getting excited over the possibility of an assertive and empowering female lead. God knows how much I hate when female characters are presented in a assertive and empowering way, just to have them be another damsel in distress.

Finally, after so many months of little to no information being spread online here and there, content (teasers pictures, trailers, and behind the scene videos) for Hwarang has become available online and already 4 episodes have aired. Everyone is talking about in on social media, especially Kdrama Twitter, and I’m performing ninja stunts to avoid all the unnecessary spoilers. And you may be wondering why I haven’t watched it yet. Well, I promised myself that I’d wait at least until 6 episodes were available online, to start watching the drama. You know, just in case I really liked it and would not be satisfied with just one or two episodes. But alas, my curiosity and spoiler annoyance got the best of me, and I’ve already arranged to have all 4 episodes loaded on my computer to watch. Oh, dear. So, if any of you have not taken the time to get to know what this drama is about or if you recently just heard about it, here’s a bit of information to get you started.


Native Title: 화랑 : 더 비기닝
Genre: Historical, Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: December 19, 2016 to February 21, 2017

Trailer & Synopsis

This drama centers around a group made up of the elite youth of the Kingdom of Silla, known as Hwarang ( Flowering Knights). These young, immature yet courageous and talented knights, named Moo Myung, Sam Maek Jong, Soo Ho, Ban Ryu, Yeo Wool, and Han Sung, along with Ah Ro, a young maiden physician, are the main characters on this story. Little do they know that by being Hwarang, they have become intwined with the political issues and agendas that exist in the capital city of Silla. Let alone that King Jin Heung of Silla, is hiding among them. Because of Hwarang, their lives are about to change in ways they would have never imagined. Hwarang is a story of youth, friendship, love, loss and sacrifice.

Main Cast

Park Seo Joon as Moo Myung / Sun Woo
Go Ah Ra as Kim Ah Ro
Park Hyung Shik as Kim Sam Maek Jong / Kim Ji Dwi
Choi Min Ho as Kim Su Ho
Do Ji Han as Park Ban Ryu
Kim Tae Hyung as Suk Han Sung
Jo Yoon Woo as Kim Yeo Wul

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From the very rare but great general commentary I’ve read online, seems like the drama is starting off a bit slow. The editors/writers may decided to use a slower pace with presenting the story line and the characters to the audience. Which in that case, it’s good to always let a couple of episodes come out. At least for me, since I really don’t like slow paced dramas, I tend to give them 2 or 3 episodes to really get the hang of it and decide if I give them a chance or not. So it’s fine if you decided to wait for a couple of more episodes to air before you start watching it. In my case, I’m going to start right after I finish writing this blog post. But I’ll come back later to the blog just in case anyone wants to talk about their first impression of the story and characters. I’d love to read your opinions on it.

Source: My Drama List / Viki

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