Soon to Watch: Boku, Unmei no Hito desu

I've already started watching the drama, but I began writing this blog post before than. Thus the "soon to watch" of the title. Just ignore it this once. 🙂

A couple of months ago while listening to an episode of DramaKandy, I heard India talk about a new drama that Kamenashi and Yamapi would star in titled Boku Unmei no Hito desu. Instantly, I began to remember when I use to watch J-dramas frequently and how long it has been since I watched both actors together in Nobuta wo Produce. So I listened to her talk a bit about what the drama was about and decided it’d probably be a good one to get back into watching Japanese dramas.

Unfortunately, months went by, and I completely forgot about it. I know. Shame on me. But that changed a couple of weeks ago, when I found myself totally bored and decided to save an episode of the drama to watch over the weekend. Oh! What a weekend it was. Let’s just say I laughed so much watching Yamapi and Kamenashi interact with each other, that I was instantly hooked and decided to give the drama a chance.

Fast forward to September, and I’m half way through the drama. And before telling you all my opinion of the episodes I’ve watched so far, I thought it’d be a great idea to give you all some basic information about it. Just in case you haven’t heard anything about the drama or are a bit curious about it.

Boku Unmei No Hito desu

Native Title: ボク、運命の人です
Genre: Drama
Episode: 10
Broadcast Network: NTV
Broadcast Period: Apr 15, 2017 to Jun 17, 2017

Main Cast

(From left to right)
Kamenashi Kazuya as Makoto Masaki
Yamashita Tomohisa as “god”
Kimura Fumino as Haruko Kogetsu

Trailer & Synopsis

Makoto Masaki (Kamenashi Kazuya) and Haruko Kogetsu (Kimura Fumino) are 29-year-olds who have found themselves unexpectedly single. And even though both have crossed paths at many points of their lives, they continue to be unaware of each other. That is until the day Makoto meets a man who introduces himself as god (Yamashita Tomohisa). He informs Makoto about the woman who is, in fact, his soul mate and how she so happens to work next door to him. Surprisingly so, that woman is none other than Haruko. This fateful  with god is what enables the start of Makoto and Haruko’s story. How will Haruko react when Makoto tells her she’s his soul mate? I guess you’ll just have to watch the drama to find out.

Theme Song Music Video [Senakagoshi no Chance]

Did you all know Kamenashi and Yamapi aren’t just actors but singers as well? Kamenashi is part of a group called KAT-TUN and Yamapi is a solo artist who was once part of a group called NEWS. Check out their music video for the drama’s theme song Senakagoshi no Chance. 

So far this drama has been the highlight of the end of many of my hard-working days. Especially because it’s light-hearted, comedic when it needs to and the chemistry between many of the characters is just so fun to watch. I’m really looking forward to writing my first impression of the first five episodes just to really let you all know why I’ve enjoyed it so much.

Has anyone started watching the drama? What are your thoughts so far? Let me know. I’d love to talk about it.

Source: mydramalist, AsianWiki, @squadzha77, ไม่ง้อพี่จีน อัดเองก็ได้


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