Notes on Kpop: S.E.S starts off the year with “Paradise”

Notes on Kpop- S.E.S starts off the year with -Paradise-

S.E.S starts off the year with the release of their second title track called “Paradise”. A song filled with 90’s style, vibe, and sound. Paradise, alongside their first title track Remember, is part of the special album (Remember) released on the 2nd of January to celebrate the group’s reunion and 20th year anniversary.

For those of you who are not familiar with the group, S.E.S was considered to be one of the top girl groups back in the day and the original girl group fairies. The name S.E.S is made up of the first letter of each of the members’ names. Their names being Sea (Bada), Eugene and Shoo. The group debuted in 1997 and became phenomenally popular. So much so, that they were even considered the female counterpart of H.O.T. The group ended up disbanding in 2002, but have come back together to make new music and celebrate their anniversary with their fans.

Paradise MV

This is actually my first time watching anything S.E.S related, and they have honestly left such a good impression on me. I really loved the 90’s rhythm of the song and how well their voices mixed with each other. I also liked the transitions from one style concept to the other and how each member was shown almost at an equal amount of time on screen. Not to mention, those black suits they wore were a perfect combination of classy and sexy. They looked assertive and confident. Paradise is a fun song to sing and dance along too. Just the kind of thing you need to start off the year with a positive beat.

I really hope all goes well with them. It’s really nice to see talented women in their 30s, some with even families of their own, performing and releasing music as part of a girl group. Especially in an industry where when women get married, have kids and/or reach the age of 30, they are pushed aside and not taken into consideration as much. I’m happy for them, and I hope you all take the chance to listen and enjoy their music. 🙂

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