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A couple of weeks ago, while looking for information on new upcoming dramas, I stumbled upon an article about a new drama which theme would be cheerleading and would have EunJi as the female protagonist. First of all, I have never seen a cheerleading drama before so I was already interested in it. I loved the movie Bring It On. Secondly, I’ve seen already two of EunJi’s dramas and she has definitely become one of my favorite Korean actrices. That was enough to get me interested in this drama titled Sassy Go Go – 발칙하게 고고.06

Its Real King Club vs Baek Ho Club in this trailer. They really do hate each other. Which is completely a given since one group is far more favored in the school than the other. Real King Club has a bike as a power source. It’s no wonder they ended up having a confrontation. The whole “fight” scene in the hallway was priceless. Between the witty comebacks and the hair-pulling, I enjoyed it perhaps more than I should have.

Somehow the product of the scandal that was clearly set up by the Real King leader’s “friend”, who is part of Baek Ho Club by the way, some sort of bribery going on with between some parents and the school principal, the elimination of the Real King Club and the principal blackmailing the leader of Baek Ho regarding his friends suicidal attempt turned out to the idea of creating a cheerleading club by combining both club members. What? How are these people suppose to work together? Now that’s something I have to see.

I feel like I just watched a Japanese drama preview. The whole rich kids club vs the underdogs is a theme that had been overused but never seems to bore me. At least in this case, grades are an important factor in the separation and the way each group is treated within the school. Also it seems like there are other more serious issues that will be presented throughout the drama. 06

Sassy Go Go – 발칙하게 고고 staring Jung EunJi, Lee WonGeun, Cha SooBin, Cha Hakyeon, and Jisoo is centered around a high school cheerleading club while showcasing the lives of various high schoolers as they experience friendship and love while dealing with an education environment which solely values competition. The drama has already finished airing so all you drama marathoners than enjoy it now. I for one am not a marathoner, but I’ll start watching it today and dedicated at least a week to it.

Is anyone starting to watch the drama now that it has finished airing? What do you think about it so far? No spoilers please. 🙂

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