-whispers- SHINee’s back… When SHINee’s comeback was officially announced, I could not contain my excitement. First off, I’m always happy when news regarding comebacks of my favorite senior groups are announced. SHINee has been through a lot, but they are still together and stronger than ever. (They have survived the SM curse.) I’m so very grateful that I still have the chance to listen to their music. Second would be, that last year I fell in love with their ODD album, especially with their songs An Ode to You and

Written in May The last time I wrote about dramas, I said I was going to change the format in which I talk about the those I look forward to each month. Which is why I’ve decided to just give basic information about each of the dramas I’ll be watching, instead of writing a curated blog post about them. This way, I can focus on talking about dramas and the reasons why I’ve decided to watch each and every one of them. I’ve done it a couple of times on Kdrama Amino

A couple of days ago, a video in which a person had expressed their disdain for the word diversity and what it entitled, with respect to books and what not, was released on YouTube. The video was of course seen by many Booktubers and thus a conversation sparked once again on Twitter regarding diversity representation in books. There were all types of tweets going around, from attacks to support, but amongst the chaos that can sometimes ensue on Twitter, a couple of Booktubers decided to create something positive to enable

El primer compartir de GOT7 갓세븐 – Puerto Rico se llevó a cabo el 25 de julio de 2016 en el Residencial Alejandrino en San Juan. Se supone que no iba a poder asistir por cuestiones de transportación, pero pude llegar una hora antes de que se terminara el evento para compartir. Yo como tal soy fanática solamente de Jackson pero hay varias canciones de GOT7 que me gustan. Por eso decidí pasar un momento por el evento. En la hora que quedaba, pude jugar varios juegos y hablar un poco

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