I remember when I had a room. My first room was in 2010. For the first time I was able to decorate my walls with posters, a bulletin board and frames. I was able to buy bookshelves and a desk for my tv and computer. It was my space. A secure and happy place. I remember when I had something that was mine. – Yoricua

Callejeando Por Seoul 2 took place on October 2nd in Cataño, Puerto Rico. The event exposed different aspects of South Corean culture by giving out information and treating it’s guests with tradicional south corean food. It’s an event centered on those who study and/or appreciate the south corean culture. Callejeando por Seoul 2 was also host of a Talent Show that day which featured many kpopers dancing to their favorite songs. Many dance groups participated that day, but I want to highlight the dance cover group named Red Project.

Actualización: He notado que hay muchas personas tímidas ante la idea de grabar un video para YouTube. Por eso he decidido aceptar como parte del proyecto que las personas suban a YouTube un video que conste del audio con las contestaciones de las preguntas y una foto para el video. Como si fuese un slideshow para YouTube. (Ejemplo) [English Translation] He sido parte de la comunidad del K-pop en Puerto Rico desde el 2011. Todo comenzó cuando fui añadida al grupo Puerto Rico Also Loves Kpop en Facebook. Desde ese

Update: I’ve noticed that many people are kind of shy and adamant towards recording a video for YouTube. Because of this, I’ve decided to accept audio videos with pictures as background for everyone to feel a little more comfortable with participating in the project. [Traducción en Español] I’ve been part of the online Kpop community in Puerto Rico since 2011 when I was added to the Facebook group called Puerto Rico Also Loves Kpop. Ever since then I’ve been able to learn about Kpop and its diversity. I’ve also been able to

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