Notes on Kpop: SHINee 1of1 Comeback

-whispers- SHINee's back...

When SHINee’s comeback was officially announced, I could not contain my excitement. First off, I’m always happy when news regarding comebacks of my favorite senior groups are announced. SHINee has been through a lot, but they are still together and stronger than ever. (They have survived the SM curse.) I’m so very grateful that I still have the chance to listen to their music. Second would be, that last year I fell in love with their ODD album, especially with their songs An Ode to You and Trigger, and couldn’t wait to see what type of sound this album would bring. Especially with the whole 90’s vibe they have going on.

Let’s talk about that for a bit. When I heard about the throwback concept, I was curious to see how SHINee would go about it. I hoped it wouldn’t be a cheesy knock off that’d come off as a parody, instead of a well produced song that utilized the iconic sound of that time. Not to mention, the important role the video would play in showcasing the fashion and production style of that era. As a 90’s kid, I couldn’t help wanting the best when it came to representing music from the best years of my childhood. Luckily, SHINee is good at diving into fun concepts such as this one.

By the way, isn’t it great that a caset version of the album was released? It brings back memories of when I was a kid and would have to wait until a song I liked was played on the radio to record it on a caset.

Music video

I have to admit that for once, I wasn’t mad at the box set SM tends to put their artists in when shooting music video. I felt like the all white set really helped enhance all the color schemes present in each members outfit. Especially the scenes where each SHINee member is dancing between the rows of girls. Also, it made if easier to focus on the members in each transition between scenes. This time around, with the whole old school concept and all, it was best to keep it simple and let SHINee be the center of attention. Also, I’m very happy that the boys have more than one girl in their video. It’s always been very awkward for me that in many music videos, the members are all going after the same girl. I’ve always wanted each member to get their own love interest. This time, they took it a step further. Much further. 5 girls for each SHINee member. Look at that. -still awkward- Last but not least, let me just say that SHINee looks very handsome in their outfits. Especially in those close up transitions between scenes. And of course the girls, which I think also represent the trends of the era, look fabulous as well.

That’s what I call a throwback. From the sound and the outfits both SHINee and the models wore, to the dance moves and the video editing/transitions. This music video is full of old school vibe. Loved it.

SHINee’s 1 of 1 – The 5th Album, with a total of 9 tracks, was released on October 5th. If anyone is interested in listening to the album, you may do so on Naver. Comment down below what you thought about the music video and the album. I’d love to talk about SHINee with you all. Please continue to support SHINee as best as you can. They are an extraordinary group and I can guarantee you’ll love their music. 🙂
Sources: SHINee Argentina | Naver
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