Notes on K-pop: Late April Favorites

Notes on K-pop: Late April Favorites

Notes on K-pop: Mid-April Favorites

Moving on with my K-pop April favorites, I have to say that for the second half of the month my list was rather short. I really thought I’d have more to talk to you all about, but not that many songs caught my attention enough to call them my favorites. But that’s quite alright. We all have slow months, and June is just around the corner.

VIXX 빅스_다이너마이트 (Dynamite)

I’m so happy that VIXX made a comeback with a dance song. Don’t get me wrong. I really loved Chained Up, but Dynamite has a really fun beat to it. I can’t help dancing to it every time it comes out on my playlist. When it comes to the concept, I really liked the outfits chosen for the guys. Especially Leo and Ken’s overall look. I also really loved the relation between the title of the single album (Zelos) and the lyrics of the song. Zelos is the Greek god of jealousy and rivalry, and the song could be interpreted as describing a person who feels jealous and frustrated after going through a breakup. Seems to me like this comeback had a very thought out concept, and that is something that should always be appreciated.

When it comes to the music video, I did enjoy it, but I felt like another type of music video would have expressed the meaning behind the lyrics of the song. I wanted to see these guys completely frustrated over a breakup. If it were some sort of drama or scenario type music video, I think it could have been perfect for the song. Nevertheless, I found the colors and editing style very interesting and beautiful to look at. Especially the single member shots. 😉

Dynamite is part of VIXX’s fifth single album titled Zelos which is the first album of their VIXX 2016 Conception trilogy project. Each single album concept will be themed around a god that appears in Greek mythology. The first one being the Greek god Zelos. This EP was released on April 19 and has a total of 4 tracks. If you haven’t listened to it, I suggest you take the time to do so.


I really thought this song would be too lovey dovey for me, but surprisingly so I really enjoyed listening to it. The lyrics expressed a more loving and vulnerable side of Lee Hi, and I really appreciated how it was done in a way that felt natural. Opposed to having a music video overwhelmed with cuteness (aegyeo). Which is very much annoying most of the times.

When it comes to the music video, I can honestly say, I always enjoy when an old school concept is used. Her outfits, the design of the theater, the old film filter and the band with backup dancers really brought the music video to life. That combined with the beat of the song made everything come together nicely.

Personally, I feel like the singles chosen showcased vocals and a style that is unique to Lee Hi. Something that can’t be denied while listening to her second album.

Seoulite was released as a full album on April 20th with a total of 12 tracks, with I’m Different ft SuHyun and Bobby as a bonus track. I really can’t wait to hear more from her. And I hope another 3 years don’t pass by before that happens.

 BTS(방탄소년단) _ EPILOGUE : Young Forever

I stumbled upon this music video while watching a fellow YouTuber (K-Zone Web) react to it. While I watched, I really liked the sound of their voices in the chorus. Especially the harmony in the last chorus of the song. So that’s why later that day, I decided to watch the music video on my own with English subtitles.

From what I read, Young Forever is part of the entire series of music videos BTS have created to tell a story. I may be off in my interpretation because I haven’t seen the rest, but I still felt the need to talk about it. To me, the lyrics talk about the common struggles every human being has to deal with. Having to experience failure and persevering through the frustration, achieving something that makes you feel alive and accomplished, then having to leave that behind because life goes on and new phases await. This can be associated with when people become older and they start to feel a void because they miss how life was when they were young. Or the uncertainty people feel after they have accomplished a life goal and don’t know what do to after that. But when I read the chorus lyrics, it somehow reminded me of the idea that even though we get older, it’s important to keep that young, optimistic, determined mindset despite the obstacles. It’s the idea of continuing to try to accomplish your goals and dreams without putting an expiration date on them. It’s maintaining an optimistic mindset that believes that a multitude of possibilities are out there waiting if we continue to persevere and work hard. That way later in life, you’ll be able to look back at it with little to no regrets.

Of course, this isn’t an interpretation of the lyrics alone. The music video contained a lot of things that were symbolic to me. For example, I associated the feeling of being lost in life or trapped in an overwhelming situation and not knowing how to move on with the area in which the guys were trapped in a maze of fences. And the ending scene, in which the guys are running blissfully down the airplane runway towards the sun, made me think of how people feel when they’ve finally found a way to move on and live at peace with their life. When they’ve understood that it’s a process and the best thing to do is to move forward. I know that others have also associated it with being at peace when transitioning into the afterlife because they associate the sun as a symbol of transition. And yet to me, it could also be interpreted as moving forward into a new day with positivity.

The special album titled Young Forever was released on May 2nd and contains songs from their two EP’s released in 2015, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 1 and 2, three new songs and several new remixes. This special album marks the end of their Most Beautiful Moment in Life trilogy.

Even though this list was quite short, I enjoyed each and every song for a different reason. Luckily May is upon us, and I hope to find many new favorites. Also, I need to get ready for the awesome summer 2016 comeback lineup. So many things to do. In the meantime, I want to know everyone else’s April favorites? Leave me a comment down below with your recommendation. 🙂

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