My new favorite literary based series: The Cate Morland Chronicles

My new favorite literary based series: The Cate Morland Chronicles

Last month, I found myself bored while desperately surfing around the internet for something to watch. That day, I had seen all the episodes of Sister’s Slam Dunk up to date and really wasn’t in the mood to start another drama. So while scrolling through IG, I suddenly remember the liwcarecenter account I use to check out when I was watching web series on YouTube. Since months had passed by and I hadn’t seen any new literary web series, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to see what new content they had posted.

I proceeded to checked a couple of their pictures and clicked on some related to The Cate Morland Chronicles. Thought the pictures didn’t catch my eye at first, I noticed the #janeausten written on some of the captions related to the web series. And yes, as a long time fan of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, that was enough for me to begin to research about this web series. Little did I know that I had stumbled upon a literary web series to favor for the next months to come.

The Cate Morland Chronicles

Created by Apple Juice Productions

The Cate Morland Chronicles, a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s novel Northanger Abbey, is a glimpse in the life of the young and enthusiastic Cate Morland. A journalism graduate with a passion for fan culture, especially when it comes to her most beloved series, The Mysteries of Udolpho. Thanks to Cate’s Corner, a YouTube series she created on her channel, we are able to keep up with Cate’s life as she ventures into the role of a writer at an LA entertainment magazine named Persona Magazine. As she is thrown into this new world of pop culture and celebrities, how will Cate be able to handle this new environment? How will she handle meeting Henry Tilney, the former star who played the lead role of her most beloved series? Whose character she had a crush on when the series was airing. OMG!

How’s the series so far?

So far I’ve watched 35 episodes and have had fun watching the characters interact and the story develop. Especially the friendships between some of the characters and Cate as a person. It’s nice when a series takes time to develop relationships between characters, and a person’s character when dealing with an entirely new environment.

If were to pick my most favorite aspect about the series, it would be the personal perspective the viewer has access to with the help of Cate’s videos. She makes us feel as if I were her friend by the how friendly and honest she is when she talks about her life in her vlogs. And being able to see her in different environments and locations, be it her room, her office or in another new setting, is pretty exciting and it complements her video updates well. I feel like I’m living this journey alongside her, since I get to see her interacting with others in various settings. Speaking about locations, thus far my favorite has been Cate’s room. It’s just looks so true to the love she has for her fandoms and matches her personality perfectly. At least, I think so. I’d love to have her room.

Favorite Character So Far

I think anyone can guess that my favorite character so far is Cate. I love how passionate she is with her fandoms and the content she so much enjoys. It’s nice to see a female character that is not afraid to be herself and encourages others to embrace their fangirl ways and whatever makes them unique. Especially in a world that uses the word fangirl as a derogatory term. It’s refreshing to see her love that part of herself. (I can relate to her in that sense because I love the fandoms I am part of and my hobbies are a big part of what makes me happy. So much, I made a blog about them.) Also, I’m really proud of how she’s acknowledged the mistakes she has made and has started to learn from them. Nothing else builds character more than lessons learned.

She’s upbeat, true to herself, a good friend, a loving sister, a talented writer, and best of all, an awesome fangirl. (Also, Henry and Eleanor are nice as well) 😊

It’s been almost two months since I’ve discovered this web series, and I’ve enjoyed watching Cate’s journey with her new job and all the new people she has met. Each interaction has been fun, interesting, and because of some characters, a bit frustrating to watch. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed watching her character grow, and the slow but meaningful way she has developed a relationship with other characters in the series. And even though I know the end is nearby, I can’t wait to see the new developments in the story. Things are just starting to come up to the surface and much drama is up ahead. Can’t wait to see how Cate handles all that is to come.

Ps: Is anyone else watching the series? What do you all think about it so far? Let me know.

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