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[Re-Uploaded] As I said in Episode 1 of Drama Bite, Sassy Go Go was part of my top 5 dramas to watch before the year ends, but I went ahead and watched episode one before filming the video. I really couldn’t resist because I saw so many people online commenting about it, and I wanted to be part of the discussion. Which is why I decided to make a video of my first impression of the first episode of the drama to then continue the discussion on my blog.

Here are some other things I wanted to comment on about the first episode of Sassy Go Go:

▣ YeonDo spoke about a very important issue at the beginning of Sassy Go Go. In her own sarcastic way, she criticized the fact that students were categorized and discriminated against in school based on their grades and income. In this case, it’s not enough to just be smart. You have to be wealthy as well to have an upper hand in the school. Not to mention with the principals. What she talks about is something that goes on in real life. Principals being bribed and students being marginalized. Measures should be taken so that the academic environment of a school is one of academic and personal growth. If I were in her shoes, I’d be equally annoyed.

 I felt bad watching a member of the “Real Kings” peddling a bike to power up the battery so they’d be able to rehearse. They are a club and it’s ridiculous they have to do such things. Though I did enjoy the “fight” in the hallway after that. Go Real Kings!

 The scene where Soo Ahh’s mom tells her she doesn’t want to receive a report card from an incompetent loser was so hard to watch. It was a very short scene but important into understanding Soo Ah’s character and the reasons behind her actions. I kind of felt sorry for her in a way because the pressure she is getting from her mom is overwhelming, and I’m sure she would want nothing more than to make her mother proud. She’s the typical character whose parents value scores and image more than the person. But by no means am I trying to justify her actions. After watching this scene, I know she is going to do many harmful things. I just wanted to point out this scene because it shows the viewers the perspective of another character, and the different types of situations each main character is going through.

 I think it’s obvious that a diverse range of clubs should be available at each school. These kids study from morning to night and have little to no time to socialize and wind down. To me the knowledge a person acquires/learns in an academic environment is very important, but there are other things, like values, morals, streets smarts, that are learned during the day to day interaction with other human beings and situations that may occur far from an academic environment. It can’t be all study and no play. Not to mention the health risks involved in stressing yourself out for a long period of time. I know things are very competitive in their country, but there should be a balance. EQ is as important as IQ.

 SooAh revealed her true self quickly after YeonDo told her she knew who send the text to the teacher. I was so annoyed with her attitude, and I thought YeonDo would hit her but she didn’t. Which was okay because I was content with how YeonDo confronted SooAh in the classroom afterwards. She let it all out in her speech. I loved how she just said everything she felt about her classmates and their despicable actions, of being part of a school that is controlled by money and then stormed out with her head held high. Like a boss. Ha!05

I’m looking forward to watching the characters develop and the issues unfold. Something tells me that SooAh is going to do some mayor damage and YeonDo won’t be too far behind in trying to stop her. The male leads look promising, and I bet many Starlights will be watching the drama to support N.

If any of you have started watching the drama tell me your thoughts. What did you like or dislike about episode one? Which character caught your attention? No spoilers please. 🙂

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