My First Impression | Bromance

My First Impression | Bromance

While looking for information on Taiwanese dramas, I saw a post in a group I’m part of on Facebook about a new gender bender drama that had recently started airing titled Bromance. Personally, I love gender bender dramas because they were some of the first types of dramas I watched and really enjoyed. So I decided to click on the post and read the synopsis. It really didn’t catch my attention at first. Which led me to do something I usually don’t do. I went to YouTube and checked if anyone had created a fan made music video about the first episodes of the drama. I found one quickly and decided to watch it. Mind you, I hate spoilers but something told me to watch it anyway. Till this day, I’m so glad I watched that fan-made video. The scenes that were used were very important in the drama, but the scenes leading up to those scenes were not included. Which was what sparked my curiosity. If there were so many good scenes in just so little amount of episodes, what else would the protagonist go through in the next episodes? So that day, I watched the first episode. Little did I know I would be so strongly sucked into this funny, dramatic, and unpredictable bromance drama.


Overall, I really enjoyed watching this first episode. Almost all the main characters were presented and they were all given their time to be exposed to the audience. So much that I feel like I have a good grasp on the personality of the majority of the characters. The main characters interacted a lot, sometimes in a very awkward manner, but it was nice to see how they played off each other. And even though some things were rushed, for example, the sworn brothers proposition, I feel as if that is going to be the base from which a strong and loyal bond will grow from. And yes I agree it’s a cliché to bond two characters in such a rushed way, but I think we’re in for a long ride filled with very interesting things. Just looking at their situation is enough to know that many crazy things are waiting ahead. Call it a hunch of sorts.

When it comes to ZiFeng and YaNuo, I was happy that their background story was presented from the get-go. I felt it was a good way to get a feeling of who they are as individuals. ZiFeng seems like the type of male character that lives his life according to his morals and values and has his family as a priority. A lone hero that has done his best to help his family continue his father’s work. YaNuo is a charismatic and strong female character that has adapted well to her life as a boy just so her parents won’t worry about her fate. How these two people meet is very unconventional and at the same time very convenient. They match each other so well the first time they meet, that I can’t wait to see how their friend relationship develops in the future. To say that I like their personality would be an understatement.

As a whole, I can say that this first episode was okay. There were things here and there that made me cringe, like the lack of personal space at times, but I enjoyed many of the interactions between the characters. Not to mention, I was really impressed with YaNuo’s appearance. She pulls off the flower boy look very well. I know she’s a girl, but she’s one of the most convincing gender bender characters I’ve seen so far in dramas. Apart from Ella Chen in Hana Kimi. Also, I’m really curious to see how this sworn brother situation will play out. I wonder how long will it take for her identity to be revealed?

For those of you who have seen the drama, I decided to comment on a couple of scenes from this first episode. So if anyone is interested in knowing my opinion, then continue to scroll down. If not, then I can only say that if someone is interested in watching this drama, even if just a little bit, then by all means they should. Give it a chance. I know gender bender dramas have their similarities, but I assure you all this female character is like no other I have seen before. I hope that in this first episode you all find something you enjoy. Designed by Freepik

Let’s talk about scenes.

I wrote these comments literally while watching the episode.

  1. I had forgotten how nice drama openings can be. I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s been years since I saw one. Usually, they’re cut off the drama episodes uploaded online. So when I saw the opening for this drama I was very pleasantly surprised. I really liked the music video feel to it, the interaction between the main characters and the simplicity. The song was nice to listen to and it even has a music video of its own.
  2. I felt so frustrated while watching that fortune-teller lie to YaNuo’s parents. He knew they would comment to others about his failure. Which is why he invented an entirely new “fate” for YaNuo if they didn’t do what he said. How dare he lie to them just so his reputation would not be damaged? And why after 26 years would she be okay? Makes no sense. I also felt back for her parents because they just wanted to do what was best for their daughter, and in their ignorance, they really believed they could protect her by raising her as if she were a boy.
  3. So, has anyone addressed the elephant in the room? How come Du ZiFeng is fighting in public and plain daylight and no one seems to notice what’s going on but YaNuo and Guang Chao? You have to be kidding me. Well, thank goodness YaNuo was around. They made such a great team that even music started to play while they fought. I guess they were destined to meet. -insert eye roll-
  4. Why did ZiFeng stand so close to YaNuo when she rejected his job offer? That was really awkward! Made me cringe a bit.
  5. When Sister Feng was talking about how alone ZiFeng has been since he was young I felt a bit bad for him. I understand why kids wouldn’t want to be his friend because of his family background. On the other hand, it was a bit silly to see how his mom had to help him make a friend. A sworn brother at that. And even though I know YaNuo is a good person, wanting her to be his sworn brother when they’ve only known each other for a day was a bit much. But I guess this only means that we’ll get to see how their friendship develops right from the beginning.
  6. I really like the idea of sworn brothers. It’s a bond that represents the utmost respect and loyalty for one another. A strong bond between two people.
  7. When I saw Bii come out on-screen I freaked out. I’m so happy to see him act. I feel in love with his music ever since I saw Love Around. I hope everything goes well for him in this drama. It’s his first acting role after all.
  8. Of course, she had the winning number. Of course, her cousin left to the bathroom right before they decided to pick a winning number. Of course, he sad he’d dance with her. Wait. I didn’t expect that. I was thinking maybe ZiHan would jump in and take this opportunity to dance with her love interest. But this only makes me want to know more about ZiFeng. He saw how YaNuo was being made fun of and accepted to dance with her. Even though he thinks she’s a guy. That was very nice of him. After that, I was okay with the awkward touching and the dancing, but then Xiao Jing put her two cents into things and gave the viewers the first kiss. Well, technically accidental but we’ll take it. Hahaha.
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