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my final thoughts on the girl who sees smell

Two weeks of avoiding the inevitable after the drama’s conclusion, I finally finished The Girl Who Sees Smell aka Sensory Couple. Yes it was a bitter sweet moment, but I’m very glad I choose to watch this drama. I ended up really enjoying each character and their contribution to the story. As well as the ever so scary great antagonist.

I finished the drama and realized I really wanted to write about the things I liked and/or disliked about it. So I created this section called “My Final Thoughts” in which I’ll be writing two types of reviews. I’ll write a shorter and overall general review with no spoilers for those who haven’t watched the drama. After that review, will be another with bullets explaining in detail what I liked and/or disliked about a drama for those of you who already watched it. I find this format more comfortable for me so I hope you guys enjoy it.
I really enjoyed this drama. I loved how it started off lighthearted and funny and little by little incorporated the serious issues surrounding the main protagonists. At first, the drama was filled with awesome comedic moments and cute/corky interaction between characters. Later on in the drama things start to unfold and the atmosphere becomes more tense and suspensive. Though the comedic aspect is ongoing throughout the drama, it takes a seat aside in some later episodes.

What I also loved was how each relationship, romantic and work related, was developed. It was nice to see how this drama took it’s time showcasing various experiences that lead up to the development of feeling between the main characters and the secondary characters. I can not express how frustrating it is when two people fall in love and you just don’t understand how? Well in Sensory Couple you’ll get it. Besides the lead characters, the relationship I really loved and enjoyed was that of the task force. It was especially nice to see how the task force developed their unbreakable bond troughout the drama. Some of my favorite scenes are with them together.

Another thing I have to add is that the antagonist was on point. I have never seen a antagonist so scary and crazy in all these years of watching dramas. I’ve hated antagonists before but this guy’s acting was so believable that I ended up hating his character but loving his acting and looking forward to it each episode. He was stealthy, smart, conniving, talented, manipulative, good looking and always one step ahead of the game. I have to give some props to the actor. He did a great job. Creeped me out a bit, but he was one scary crazy dude.

I recommend this drama to anyone who loves romantic comedy with a twist of investigation and suspense. The cast and production is great, the main characters stories are discussed in-depth, the secondary characters play an essential role in the drama, the antagonist is fierce, their’s no second made lead, which in this case is good for all of you, like me, who have second lead syndrome, and as a bonus the female lead character can see smell. Did anyone else find that cool? Because I did. I really enjoyed this drama. So watch the drama and let me know if you liked it.


➜ At first I was a little bothered with how fast they presented the backstory of the main characters. I was shocked to see how ChoRim’s parents and MuGak’s sister were killed in less than two episodes. But after watching the drama, I wasn’t bothered by it anymore. I understood that they wanted to focus on showcasing how the main characters developed their relationship, and give the viewers an opportunity to get to know the antagonist very well. We were able to see how the protagonists meet, got to know each other and fell in love as well as the mind frame and tactics of the antagonist.

➜ I was really happy that the drama took it’s time to develop the relationship between MuGak and ChoRim. I can’t emphasize enough on how annoying it is to see two people fall in love and not understand why. The drama showcased to us viewers how they meet, kept in contact, saw each other almost everyday, experienced really serious and scary situations together, worried about each other, got jealous or sad, helped each other out, until finally realizing they really liked each other. As I write this, I’m doing a rerun in my head and I love that we as viewers were given the chance to see them little by little fall in love.

➜ I enjoyed so much the comedic aspect in the beginning of the drama. I laughed so much when Cho Rim and MuGak would meet each other to rehearse scripts and when MuGak would make those funny and awkward faces. We all know YooChun for his famous “chunfaces” but this drama gave us all new material to create gif. from. My favorite comedic scene was when MuGak and ChoRim had to perform in front a her sunbae. Here’s the scene I’m talking about. It was hilarious! Those lighthearted moments always made my day.

➜ One of the things that kept me glued to my cellphone screen were the interactions between the members of the task force dedicated to investigating and capturing the serial bar killer. To me they were one of the best aspects of the drama. I love how they interacted with each other and how compatible they were at work. I don’t know how many times I laughed when MuGak gave all the credit to Kang Hyuk (superior officer) when figuring out something that would help them in the investigation, every time Detective Choong Do spoke with his girlfriend Natasha on the phone and how they all fell for ChoRim’s charm and wanted her to tag along with them more often. They had a rough start but were able to put aside their differences and work together. It really felt like I was watching a task force family. I enjoyed every scene involving the team members and missed them when they were not around.

➜ Cho Rim and Mu Gak were very lovable characters. I loved how honest, hardworking  and courageous Cho Rim was. As well as how caring, strong, determined Mu Gak was. To be honest they shared various personality traits to me. I loved how none of them were a push over to another. I really dislike when one of the protagonists is put above the other. Something similar to a damsel in distress situation. In this drama I really felt they both had something to contribute to the relationship and each others life. Both worked hard when dealing with personal and work related situations and were very supportive of each other. Sure they did hit some bumps in the road, but they were able to overcome them. These two were very compatible and made a great team.

➜ Jae Hee has been one of the best antagonists I’ve ever seen in a Korean drama.He gave me goosebumps. Before watching the drama, I didn’t know who the antagonist was going to be because I had not taken the time to read about the rest of the casting. As the drama progressed, I did suspect of the doctor that worked for Jae Hee, but when he discovered the pictures of the victims in Jae Hee’s book I was stunned. He looked so scary and creepy. After that, Jae Hee’s true self was shown in the drama. The way he was always 10 steps ahead of the police and how everything he did was so calculated and precise made his character that much stronger and in charge. I have to admit I was part of the group of viewers that found Jae Hee very handsome and loved his clothes but when he tried to hurt YooChun his charm was over. Done!

In the end, he became desperate and was caught of guard but throughout the drama he was a great villain. Goong Min did a great job with this character.

➜ I was a bit disappointed in the big reveal of Cho Rim’s past and what Jae Hee did to her parents. I knew it would have to be quick because there were only a few episodes left but it felt very anticlimactic to me. Later on, I understood why that scene was not meant to be the climax of the drama but before that, I was expecting it to be more dramatic and intense. Same for the break up. I understood Cho Rim’s actions after she found out about how Mu Gak’s sister had been murdered because Jae Hee confused her with Cho Rim. It was very hard on her. But the break up didn’t last long. Their feelings for each other were stronger than that and Mu Gak assured her it wasn’t her fault. It was all Jae Hee’s doing. -_-

 I wish they’d have incorporated more scenes of Cho Rim with her blue eye exposed. I know she really didn’t want people to know about it because it hurt her feeling when she was called a monster, but I would have liked to see scenes with her without the brown contact lenses helping out the team. I wanted to see these scenes because the task force team were fascinated with her eye and found her abilities cool. I know they wouldn’t have hurt her feelings like some people did at the hospital. Even though I didn’t get the scenes I wanted, I’m still glad she was an vital part of the team. You go girl! 🙂

➜ One of my favorite characters in this drama was Lieutenant Yeom Mi. She was an assertive, strict, responsable, intelligent leader who was just, friendly, caring as well. In the beginning, she was very strict and reserved and didn’t really interact on a personal level with the rest of the task force members. But as the drama progressed, she became open to getting to know them better and showed a very caring, big sister like side of her to Cho Rim. When she was kidnapped, I was stuck to my cellphone screen screaming ” You guys better find her. Don’y let her die! “. I really didn’t want to see another favorite female character die. She is the kind of female character I wish many Korean dramas had. Someone who is strong willed and independent but is also caring and friendly to others. It’s all about the balance.

➜ Am I a bad person because every time Mu Gak tried and failed to propose to Cho Rim I laughed uncontrollably? I have to say I really enjoyed getting that comedic feel back into the drama after they arrested Jae Hee. You have to admit these scenes were very funny. I knew, and I sure many of you as well, that what he wanted to do would not work out well. Especially the whole “hide the ring in the sand” idea. Was I the only one thinking that wouldn’t work out? I found myself talking to my screen and saying “Seriously? Is he really going to put that ring in the sand? Where did this idea come from? What are you thinking Mu Gak?” I felt sorry for him a bit but he dug his own grave. There was nothing sane about that idea.

In the end, it was all worth it. I loved that he took her to a beautiful place and proposed to her in a unique and personal way. A proposal fit for only Cho Rim. I mean, who else can read a scent proposal? 🙂

➜ To me the ending was okay. I knew there wasn’t going to be a big battle between Mu Gak and Jae Hee because there was only one episode left, but the desire of an epic show down came before this realization. I did like how they outsmarted him with by tricking him into thinking Mu Gak had died in the apartment. That was a cool scene when they explained how Mu Gak had figured out that Jae Hee wasn’t in their actual apartment and how the officers made it look as if the bomb had detonated. Jae Hee lost his touch but that’s not something I was sad about. I knew he would end up dead in the end because everyone knew he was never going to stop trying to kill them.

After that, it was nice to see everyone doing their own thing and MuGak and ChoRim trying to escape the constant phone calls from the other detectives. But of course, I was glad they all got back together again. Let’s face it, they were all made for each other.43

I recommend this drama to anyone who loves romantic comedy with a twist of investigation and suspense. The cast and production is great, the main characters stories are discussed in-depth, the secondary characters play an essential role in the drama, the antagonist is fierce, their’s no second made lead, which in this case is good for all of you, like me, who have second lead syndrome, and as a bonus the female lead character can see smell. Did anyone else find that cool? Because I did. I really enjoyed this drama. So watch the drama and let me know if you liked it.

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