Ilvermorny House Sorting Ceremony

ilvermorny house sorting ceremony

A couple of weeks ago, I was scrolling through my timeline when suddenly I saw a post that caught my attention. My friend Zor had posted a message about how she was thinking about creating a new account to do the new Hogwarts sorting hat ceremony. Which didn’t surprise me because many had done exactly the same after the Pottermore website was redesigned. But then I saw she wrote about another sorting ceremony for something called Ilvermorny. Which at first I had no clue what exactly she was referring to. It wasn’t until I started talking to her, that I realized that she was actually talking about the school of witchcraft and wizardry located in North America. Which is how I realized I’d fallen behind on Pottermore news.

Ilvermorny Story

The Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, founded in the seventeenth century, is the North American wizarding school located in modern-day Massachusetts. Its location is concealed from those with non-magic abilities with the help of various powerful enchantments. Ilvermorny has four houses; Horned Serpent, Pukwudgie, Wampus and Thunderbird. Many compare the four houses of Ilvermorny to those of Hogwarts. Since Isolt loved Hogwarts but was never allowed to attend it, it’s natural to think that she was inspired by Hogwarts when creating the four houses for her school.

Isolt Sayre, a descendant of Morrigan and Salazar Slytherin and Ilvermorny’s founder, ran away from Ireland and immigrated to North America in hopes of escaping from a life in which her aunt, Gormlaith Gaunt had total control. She arrived in North America, encountered many situations and creatures, overcame a great evil to then later build, with the help of her husband James and the love and support from her adoptive sons Chadwick and Webster, what is known today as Ilvemorny.

Isolt’s story is really interesting and inspiring. Especially her journey in North America and the reason behind the names of each of the Ilvermorny houses. Also, there’s a very important Pukwudgie everyone should read about. If you’re really interested in Ilvermorny’s history, then it’s definitely a great idea to go over to Pottermore and read it. Do it!


Q) Do you prefer to…
A) Experience
A couple of years ago, I would have definitely answered remember because of the habit I had of reminiscing. But ever since I’ve fallen in a slump, I yearn for meaningful and happy experiences.

Q) I wish I knew how to…
A) Get through…
Seriously. I would be so happy knowing how to get through all the obstacles I’ve stumbled upon these past two years. It would be a great help.

Q) Think of the question you would most lime answered by a person or an all-knowing being or device. Which of the following most closely resembles the answer you’d like to hear?
A) Without a shadow of a doubt.
My question was “Will I see my family and friends after death?”. Basically wanting to know if there was something else after this life. Without a shadow of a doubt would be pretty much the answer I’d love to hear.

Q) Which would you choose if you could only have one?
A) The power to eradicate one quality from all humans.
I had a hard time picking between curing a disease or eradicating a human quality. Because if I could, I’d definitely cure cancer, Alzheimer, depression, etc. But then I thought, how much greater/kinder would the world be if qualities such as greed and indifference didn’t exist? Which is why I decided to go with eradicating a human quality.

Q) Whose judgment do you most fear?
A) My own.
That’s right. I’ve always been really hard on myself, and I fear the day I become or do something I’ll regret for the rest of myself. Because the judgment I take into account the most is my own.

Q) If I could I would never feel…
A) Fear
That’s right. But not the kind of fear that enables others to do reckless and careless things. I’d eliminate the fear that keeps me from taking certain opportunities into account.

Q) Why?
A) Why not?
Exactly. Why wouldn’t I want to eliminate the fear of failing which may keep me from fulfilling my dream?

Q) You can rescue a baby or the only bottle of a potion that could save 1000 lives. Which do you want?
A) The baby. The bottle only might save 1000 lives.
To me, it’s a no-brainer. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to see both a child and a bottle in danger and choose to save the bottle. Also, the potion in the bottle is not assured to be able to save 1000 lives. First, it says the bottle could save 1000 lives and then in the answer I chose, it says it might. In the end, it’s the life of a child over an object. I’d save the baby. Enough said.



Ilvermony House: Horned Serpent
Represents the mind of a witch/wizard. This house favours scholars. 

It’s official. I’m part of the Horned Serpent house. Looking at the short description, I can’t help but realize the similarities between the qualities of those that are part of my Hogwarts house, Ravenclaw. I can’t wait for more information about Ilvermorny and the four houses to be available on Pottermore. I’m excited to know more about it.

Ps: Which Ilvermorny house where you all sorted into? Let me know in the comment section below. 🙂

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