I started reading fanfics.

So the thing is. I never really wanted anything to do with fanfics. Mainly because everything I ever heard of fanfics was that they were explicit and too sexual. I’m the kind of person who loves shoujo manga and loves to read romantic/dramatic stories. So one day one of my friends told me about this fanfic she was reading which she thought I would love because it wasn’t categorized as mature or explicit. I told her “well sure of course if you think I’ll like it then let me try reading it”. I really got to say that it was a surprise how much I enjoyed my first fanfic. Let me tell you a little bit about it.05

hotaliens_zpsbcb1f5d7The first fanfic I ever read was titled My Crazy Hot Aliens. This fanfic has as main character you [which means the fanfic does have a character but the author uses the word you when speaking about the character for the reader to feel they are the main character] and the members of EXO-K [I am a fan of EXO-K and EXO-M], so I was very excited to read something about them.  Of course I’m not going to give a spoiler but basically this fanfic is about how these 6 aliens come to Earth in search of their “Star” and guess what?….it’s you they have come for.  You’ll find everything from the value of friendship to maybe love? It has lots of cute and funny moments with the EXO-K members and over all just a great story with each character having their individual personality which you will all come to love. It’s a very interesting story which I fully enjoyed and I’m reading the sequel called My Crazy Hot Alien II: The Invasion which….well let’s just say some new friends join the EXO-K gang. I won’t say anymore because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. Here’s the link to the first part and the sequel as well. Please be sure to comment whenever you can in the chapters and I hope you guys enjoy this fanfic.

My Crazy Hot Aliens: Read Here My Crazy Hot Aliens II: The Invasion: Read Here Credit [ fanfic author]: dbskgirl4ever 05

tumblr_m4eeefcgb61qmu9aho1_500_zpsfc021c1dThe second one is titled She’s Different and its main characters are Chanyeol, Kai and you. Basically it’s about Kai and how after his first love did something she shouldn’t have and he becomes basically a jerk and doesn’t really believe in love anymore. That is until he meets you. It’s basically a love story with lots of secrets that little by little are discovered and clear up the story. It’s quite long and some people may be bugged by that, but give it a chance because the way the characters grow I think is what I really loved about the story. It’s a story about first love, letting go and moving on.

She’s Different: Read Here Credit [ fanfic author]: fan-atic 


csdvsdfv_zps72b6fcefLast but not least is A Race to Win Your Heart: EXO vs. BAP. I was really looking forward to reading this fanfic because it has 2 of my favorite rookie groups. Basically it’s about how BAP and EXO-K have to complete to capture your heart. HyoSung from Secret is also in this fanfic but appears later on as well as Luhan [but both come into the story at the same time ^^]. Also EXO-M will appear in the fanfic as well. I really enjoyed this fanfic because until the end you really didn’t know what would happen. It’s a story about friendship and of course love. How will they capture your heart? How many will actually fall for you and will you actually feel something for one of them? Can you trust them? It’s an interesting story and of course you’ll have a nice time getting to know each EXO-K member.

A Race to Win Your Heart: EXO vs. BAP: Read Here Credit [ fanfic author]: iluvfunnypeople 05

I hope you all enjoy reading these fanfics and find others to enjoy. Yes I love shoujo so these are the types I will recommend but what’s wrong with that? Be sure to comment about the stories since it’s a good thing to let the authors know about how you feel about their stories. Enjoy!

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FYI: I asked every one of these authors for permission to use their pictures and links for this blog post. Please be respectful of others works. Always ask. 
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