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i remember you preview reaction

Hello everyone. Long time no write. Well I have been busy editing pictures and videos but I took some time today to react to more drama previews.

My friends and I decided to create a drama club on Facebook to discuss dramas more in depth, and the first drama chosen for the club is I Remember You aka Hello Monster. I had read the sinopsis before and written it down on my to watch list because I’m fallen in love with dramas based on investigation.05te1It was hard to find Teaser 2 subbed, but I managed to in the end. About that, both teasers were basically made to describe the main character of the drama. Teaser 1 showcased adjectives to describe a person’s personality and appearance. Words such as indifferent, cold stare, obnoxious words, smart and sexy were mentioned. The second teaser had words to describe a person’s varios occupations. Words such as owner, designer and entertainer were mentioned. Seems like our guy will be a good-looking, cold, smart and accomplished. The teasers weren’t flashy or anything like that, but I’m curious to see how the main characters personality will be portrayed.
te2Now this teaser is how I like it. It has so questions and scenes between the male and female lead. So from what I read it seems like Seo In Guk’s character has lost his memory but is slowly regaining it. Then a child, an older man and a prisoner are presented and the little boy is seen reading a note that says “I’m afraid my son is a monster”. Does that have to do with the first title they were going to use for the drama? Then Jang Na Ra’s character comes out on screen and seems like she knows him and then many scenes start to come out. What caught my eye was the symbol-like signature on the painting. You guys know that things aren’t highlighted for no reason. I’m definitely intrigued. What is his story? Why can’t he remember? Who was she to him? Was that a dead body?
te3This teaser was different from many that I’ve seen. It’s nice to watch behind the scene footage and the fans supporting Seo In Guk. I have to admit he looked very handsome and friendly. Especially in that blue suit. I was also taken aback from how loudly they cheered for him after he finished shooting a scene. I hope this drama gets high ratings in South Corea. Fighting!05

I Remember You is about cold, genius elite profiler named Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) who comes back to South Corea due to receiving an anonymous email leading him to the crime scene. There he meets elite detective Cha Ji An (Jang Na Ra) who seems to know him from his childhood but he doesn’t remember her. Somehow after that encounter they end up working together on a case. Of course there is much more to this drama then what meets the eye, but I’m not going to give more details on the subject since the sinopsis I read was pretty much a spoiler of an entire episode. -sigh-

I’m curious to know the reason why he lost his memory. Even though I might regret having that curiosity later one. Those of you who saw Kill Me Heal Me know how this loosing memory thing goes. In a couple of days I’ll be meeting up with my friends from the drama club to watch some episodes. So stay tuned to my first impression blog post about this drama.

Are any of you interested in this drama? Are you watching it? What’s your opinion on it? No spoilers please!

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