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first impression the crossing hero

I’ve been neglecting taiwanese dramas for a couple of months and yesterday I decided to look for some new ones on Viki. One of the first ones I saw was The Crossing Hero, and I decided to check it out because Jiro Wang was part of the cast and the drama poster looked cool. I clicked it and found out that it was a mixed of fantasy and action. That was enough to get me interested. WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!03

I watched the first episode and found myself intrigued with the whole time traveling theme. I really liked how the drama started with a story of how a uncle overthrew his nephew to become king, and how two of his palace guards are running after a thief who has a very precious pearl in his power. Because of this chase they end up corning the thief but then running after him through time. When arriving at our present time they have a very hard time understanding where they are. It’s very funny to see them wonder around and be freaked out with all the technological advances. Did I mention they are from the Ming Dynasty? Everyone loves things from that dynasty. 🙂

The guards names are Peng Ze and Xiao Tian. They are skilled, loyal to the king and have very opposite personalities. Peng Ze is strict and skilled, Xiao Tian is skilled as well but seems to be more carefree. I really liked their armored clothing and the fighting scenes they were in. These guards are no joke. The episode ended after their encounter with another secondary character, a police men by the name of Zhu Ke Shang, and with them having not even a slight clue of their time traveling ordeal. Which left me very curious to know how exactly they would come to that realization.

The funny thing about all this is that the thief that both palace guards are looking for looks exactly like Jiro Wang’s character. The thief is named Hong Xi Dong and his character of the future is named Hong Xiao Dong. Coincidence? I think not.

In this first episode Hong Xiao Dong is portrayed as a very skilled detective. At the beginning of the episode we see how fast he helps his friend Zhu Ke Shang find the person responsable for a shooting in the city. After that we see the female lead character, named Zhang Xian Ting, come to his office to ask for help. He seems to be very full of himself, childish and arrogant towards her. Despite all this his friends say he has a nice side. Although hard to find. As always I’m looking forward to seeing how these two hate each other to then fall in love. It’s always the same cliche, but I hope they get to know each other and go through trials together before “falling for each other”. I hate vague and irrational relationships.

There are also some other secondary characters in this drama which seem to be close to the main leads. I hope to see them very often and have their stories get the spotlight from time to time. Especially because in the video they presented at the end of the first episode there were many other characters included and even some more couples. The coolest thing is that I think one of the secondary characters is going to have the actual love triangle in this drama. I hope so.03

Overall I liked the first episode. I’ve always felt drawn to fantasy/action related things, and this drama is no exception. I like the story, and I want to know what happened to the thief, the pearl, how those two guards are going to get back to the Ming Dinasty and what Jiro’s character has to do with this thief from the past. What I also liked is that it seems as if the secondary characters will have a relevant place in the story. Of course it’s only the first episode, but I would hate for them to be just fillers. If you are interested in watching this drama you can do so on Viki. There are not many episodes subtitled yet on Viki, but I hope they’re able to subtitle the entire drama. If you guys know of another website which subtitles this drama please let me know. I’m going to continue watching it today. 🙂

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