My First Impression| Refresh Man

My First Impression| Refresh Man

After episode 6 of Refresh Man aired, I decided that it was time to start watching the drama. Reason being that sometimes I wait for there to be at least 4 episodes available to watch just in case I want to marathon the drama a bit. But after watching episode 1, I really wasn’t feeling it. Which is why it’s taken me so long to write this first impression post. I felt conflicted because it wasn’t going to be an overall positive one. But this is something I knew this would happen sooner or later. So I made up my mind and decided to write this post today. Keep in mind that this is just an opinion based on the types of dramas I enjoy watching.


First off, I’d like to address the pacing of this episode. The drama was introduced with YuTang having to deal with getting everything under control in the mists of the disappearance of the company’s president. These scenes carried with them the feeling of suspense and urgency in the atmosphere. After that issue was settled, everything slowed down drastically and rapidly, and a slow pace continued throughout the entire episode. Sure a couple of cliché moments were thrown here and there but nothing meaningful enough to me. So much so that I felt very bored watching it. If the transition would have changed smoothly from the beginning scene, which had a feeling of urgency, into the scenes that followed, I think I would have enjoyed. Luckily, in the end, I did feel that sense of urgency with YuTang’s character being thrown into a new department. Which is one the reasons why I decided to continue to watch it.

Second would be the awkward and cliché scenes throughout the episode. You all can’t imagine how uncomfortable it was for me to see WenKai invade YuTang’s personal space. Especially when they haven’t even seen each other in years and he’s doing something that she clearly isn’t okay with. For example, if it were two characters we’ve seen interact for many episodes, who have developed somewhat of a relationship, and suddenly the male protagonist is showing his interest by doing such things, which in this case he’s trying to make physical contact with the female protagonist, then it would make sense. Let’s just say that I’d find it desperate but funny. In this case, since their high school back story is being introduced, his close interaction with her felt out of place and weird. Not to mention, that scene of YuTang losing her balance and WenKai catching her. That was really unnecessary. Especially after a funny moment which in my opinion could have been taken further. I would have loved for him to be hit a second time in the face. Just to tone down that arrogant aura he has going for him. Ha!

Yet in third place, and on a positive note, I really enjoyed the undeniable chemistry between YuTang and WenKai. When it comes to their interactions, I couldn’t help feeling drawn to them. They had a history and it seemed to shine through a bit when they’d talk to each other. And even if they were bickering, I wanted them to continue to talk. I wanted to see them together more. To sum it up, their acting was in sync and I really enjoyed Joanne and Aaron’s acting. It wasn’t unnatural or forced. It was genuinely how I’d expect two people who have reunited after years of not seeing each other to act. Also, I know both actors are friends in real life, which could have also contributed to the chemistry on screen. They were great.blackd2

Even though the first episode was a bit boring, I continued watching the rest of the episodes available and decided to commit to this story. Mainly because I really want to see YuTang’s character grow. I want her to strive to reach and utilize her full potential. Also, I can’t stand WenKai’s attitude towards her. So having her prove him wrong, about the whole refresh man thing, is something I’m looking forward to. And even though I feel like he’s trying to push her to be the best she can be, I can’t help but feel that his actions are also motivated by some sort of revenge. Only time will tell.

Has anyone started to watch Refresh Man? What did you all think about the first episode? And for those of you who are up to date with the drama, what are your thoughts so far? Who is/are your favorite character(s)? Anyone with second lead syndrome like me? Let me know.

Let’s talk about some scenes.

Here are some comments that came to mind while watching the first episode. (In real time)

1. From the get go, I’m loving YuTang as a character. Those first instances of her taking charge of the situation, regarding the status of the retired CEO, were very refreshing. Seeing her jump in action by making the calls she needed to, briefing the staff about the current situation and leading in a calm and confident manner are definite the actions of a leader. Not to mention, she is looking fabulous and professional. I’m so glad Joanne has this type of character. I’ve always seen her play underdogs so I’m happy this time around it’s a bit different.

2. I sware, Wen Kai has a problem with personal space. Is he going to be so close to her face every time he speaks to her? Awkward.

3. They just had to ruin a very funny moment with a first skinship cliché. I laughed seeing him get hit in the face with that flyer. Instead of adding that scene where she almost falls back and he holds her from falling, how about having a second flyer hit him in the face as well. Anything is better than a scene with no meaning.

4. Even though WenKai was mean in the tone he used, he was right when telling YuTang that because she has become comfortable she’s still a Refresh Man. Stuck in the same place without being able to advance. She’s great at what she does, but she needs to try to improve and learn new things to advance in her field.

5. I knew from the get-go that Ai Sha would be the new secretary. She’s literally exactly what Wen Kai needs, and she’s been working with him for years so she knows how to deal with him. YuTang, on the other hand, needs to start working towards gaining more knowledge in her field. And even though I know she can become better, I still think there’s a little bit of revenge in Wen Kai’s actions.

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