Discovering and enjoying Hallyuesque Podcasts

Discovering and enjoying Hallyuesque Podcasts. hallyucast

Last year, while scrolling through my Twitter timeline, I stumbled upon a tweet that sparked my curiosity. Jess (from the YouTube channel TheJessLyfe) had recently been a guest on a podcast named Jinjja Cha Podcast and was sharing the link on her timeline for everyone to listen to. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link and found out that, for one, Hallyu podcasts (aka Hallyucast) were a thing, and two, that this podcast had already released many episodes before this particular one. Why hadn’t I heard about this until now? I was so many months behind!

So, I took some time to listen to the episode, and really enjoyed it. Especially the dynamic between the two main hosts. They really didn’t seem interested in sugarcoating the topics they were speaking about and were really open about their opinions. I liked how they gave Jess the opportunity to speak freely about the situation she had experience with voicing her opinion about the entire “BamBam saying the n-word” while Got7 was in the US. Overall, it was a fun and interesting episode to listen to and it left a very good impression on me. It was refreshing to listen to them talk about Kpop related topics and not be afraid to voice their “unpopular” opinion. After that day, I listened to a couple of episodes here and there, and later on, I subscribed to their various accounts. And thanks to them, I found another Hallyu podcast related to Kdramas which I’ve also come to love.

For those of you who are new to this Hallyu Wave podcast topic, here’s some information about two #Hallyucasts that have made my days for the past couple of months. If you like Kpop, Kdramas and unfiltered opinions about situations that happen within the industry, these podcasts might just be perfect for you.

Jinjja Cha Podcast

Jinjja Cha ( aka the real tea ) is a weekly podcast in which hosts Girl Davis (@Thatgirldavis) and April (@PinkFashioNinja) talk about topics related to South Korean pop culture in general. They also tend to mention artists and situations from other entertainment industries as well. The podcast’s name is written in hangul and the meaning behind it is easy to understand. Jinjja (진짜) meaning really/seriously/oh, really and used when speaking about something that is real/true and Cha (차) meaning tea. They stay true to their name in each episode when it comes providing details about a topic (spilling some tea as the young ones say) and having no issues with speaking their mind about the Kpop industry, idol groups and/or entertainers in general. What I like most about this podcast is the dynamic and friendship between the hosts, their honesty when discussing topics and how much they make me laugh. Which to me is always a plus.

The show also has a section titled Why you gotta be anonymous? in which listeners send in their questions/comments, be it via the contact form on their website, an email at, and/or the ask section of their Tumblr page, and the girls take some time to answer them.

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Drama Kandy is a neighborhood (formerly weekly) Hallyu podcast in which hosts India (@dramadebussie from and Cheryl (@Cherylfornia from discuss everything related to Kdramas, Kpop, and others aspects that may come into play. India is the Drama and Cheryl is the Kandy. 😉

I came upon this podcast thanks to the repost section on the Jinjja Cha podcast Soundcloud page, and I’m so glad I did. I really enjoy listening to both hosts talk about the dramas they’re watching, the actors they love, the dramas they enjoy, and all the crazy and ridiculous nonsense that goes on in the industry. These ladies will not hesitate when it comes to discussing topics related to something problematic shown in a drama, an action that an actor/actress has done that is out of line and/or anything that bothers them in relation to Kpop as well. But they also take the time to comment on the beautiful, handsome and talented actors in the Kdrama industry. Which is always necessary.

When listening to this podcast, I can’t help being reminded of all the conversations I use to have with my friends when we would get together to watch and/or talk about dramas. We didn’t always agree, which also has happened in the past when listening to this podcast, but we got along great and the conversations were always interesting. It’s that kind of familiarity, the friendship between the hosts, and the way they balance talking about what they enjoy and dislike about Kdramas, that keeps me tuning in each week.

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I appreciate having their voice and podcast as part of our community. There aren’t that many people online that speak about Hallyu-related content in a way that presents the positive and negative aspects of the industry and/or the situations that happen with idols/artists. Moreso, people who discuss social issues from South Korea and those that may or may not intertwine with the interaction of Kpop and culture on an international level. Especially when it comes to the cultural appropriation of aspects of African-American culture from the US in the Kpop industry. Being that the hosts are from a diverse ethnic background (“people of color” as people are categorized in the US), you can only imagine how passionate they are about discussing such topics. And like I said before, there have been many times in which I have not agreed with their point of view regarding some idols. But the way they’ve explained their opinion in the past has helped me understand their opinion and agree to disagree.

I’ve always thought that we should all enjoy Hallyu content and gush about our favorite music videos or drama episodes with our friends. I know at least for me, I’ve enjoyed spending time just talking about my favorites with my friends and being part of this Hallyu community has brought me much joy. But it’s also important to take a step back once in a while and realize there may be issues within the content we enjoy that should be discussed.

I hope you all give these two podcasts a listen and enjoy them just like I have. This community has many talented people, and I think we can all take the time to support those whose content we truly enjoy. If anyone knows more podcasts/Hallyu content creators, let me know. I’d love to check them out.

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