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I created a medley of some of the performances I was able to record in the Hallyu Fest to avoid copyright problems in YouTube. If you’d like to see the complete performances, just go to the Hallyu Fest Playlist on my Shutter Beat Reader Facebook Page. 🙂 |Share with full and proper credit| @morakirst5, blog link, Shutter Beat Reader (Facebook Page)

Hey everyone! I decided to open a new YouTube channel because I noticed my old channel was becoming more of a cover group performance channel instead of what I had originally envisioned my channel to be. So I created this new channel called Outspoken Artistry, in which I will be talking about all the things I like, including Kpop, Books, Anime, Dramas, etc. Here’s my first ever Vlog which I filmed during my visit to the Second Kpop Convention here in Puerto Rico. 🙂

Callejeando Por Seoul 2 took place on October 2nd in Cataño, Puerto Rico. The event exposed different aspects of South Corean culture by giving out information and treating it’s guests with tradicional south corean food. It’s an event centered on those who study and/or appreciate the south corean culture. Callejeando por Seoul 2 was also host of a Talent Show that day which featured many kpopers dancing to their favorite songs. Many dance groups participated that day, but I want to highlight the dance cover group named Red Project.

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