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I finally made my list on A couple of years ago my friend recommended this website to me, but at that time I really didn’t need it because I had my list written down in a notebook. Since my list has become longer now, I decided to make a profile and list all the dramas I’ve watched, dropped, have on hold, currently am watching or plan to watch in the future to publish it here on my blog. By the way, those are the options that appear on the website when you add a

2014 has come and gone. Many groups debuted, comebacks were made and new music videos were released. Was I the only one sick and tired of the Kpop industry controversies? BigBang’s comeback anyone? Other than that, 2014 wasn’t that bad Kpop wise. So I decided to make a list of my top 15 Kpop songs from 2014. It’s something I can use to reminisce in a positive way. *pass the cursor over the picture to see the name of the song*

I decided to write a Throwback Thursday Tuesday because I really needed an excuse to put all my K-pop classics in one post. I started listening to K-pop in 2009 after watching Boys Over Flowers, searching for the OST tracks and finding out that there was such a thing among musical genres called K-pop. Naturally I began looking for groups in this genre and hoping that someone would have at least uploaded a 480p square video on YT to check them out. News flash, YT 2014 is NOTHING compared to YT 2009 and I’m

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