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2014 has come and gone. Many groups debuted, comebacks were made and new music videos were released. Was I the only one sick and tired of the Kpop industry controversies? BigBang’s comeback anyone? Other than that, 2014 wasn’t that bad Kpop wise. So I decided to make a list of my top 15 Kpop songs from 2014. It’s something I can use to reminisce in a positive way. *pass the cursor over the picture to see the name of the song*

I decided to write a Throwback Thursday Tuesday because I really needed an excuse to put all my K-pop classics in one post. I started listening to K-pop in 2009 after watching Boys Over Flowers, searching for the OST tracks and finding out that there was such a thing among musical genres called K-pop. Naturally I began looking for groups in this genre and hoping that someone would have at least uploaded a 480p square video on YT to check them out. News flash, YT 2014 is NOTHING compared to YT 2009 and I’m

So the thing is. I never really wanted anything to do with fanfics. Mainly because everything I ever heard of fanfics was that they were explicit and too sexual. I’m the kind of person who loves shoujo manga and loves to read romantic/dramatic stories. So one day one of my friends told me about this fanfic she was reading which she thought I would love because it wasn’t categorized as mature or explicit. I told her “well sure of course if you think I’ll like it then let me try

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