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-whispers- SHINee’s back… When SHINee’s comeback was officially announced, I could not contain my excitement. First off, I’m always happy when news regarding comebacks of my favorite senior groups are announced. SHINee has been through a lot, but they are still together and stronger than ever. (They have survived the SM curse.) I’m so very grateful that I still have the chance to listen to their music. Second would be, that last year I fell in love with their ODD album, especially with their songs An Ode to You and

Notes on K-pop: Mid-April Favorites Moving on with my K-pop April favorites, I have to say that for the second half of the month my list was rather short. I really thought I’d have more to talk to you all about, but not that many songs caught my attention enough to call them my favorites. But that’s quite alright. We all have slow months, and June is just around the corner. VIXX 빅스_다이너마이트 (Dynamite) I’m so happy that VIXX made a comeback with a dance song. Don’t get me wrong.

I was excited when many of my favorite groups announced their comeback for the month of April. I knew that the month would be jammed packed with teasers, promotional pictures, and live performances. Which is not a surprise that when writing a list of my favorites, I realized there were a bit too many to put in a single blog post. For this reason, I decided to divide them into two lists; those that were released on and before the 15th of April, and those released after that day. So first

While scrolling through my blog posts, I realized I didn’t write much about last months Kpop releases. Come to think about it, I only wrote a blog post about Lee Hi’s comeback. There were a couple of songs that came out last month that sounded really good. And I know April is almost over, but I really want to share these songs on my blog. For that reason, today I’ve decided to do a March throwback. That way, I’ll be able to talk to you all about my March 2016 Kpop

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