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Coming up in my list of dramas to check out so I can comeback from my hiatus is Masked Prosecutor. I’d heard about this drama a couple of months ago, but I never really saw any comments online about it. The only thing I remember was a picture I saw on Twitter from the drama which caught my attention. I think it was a picture of the protagonist wearing a wrestlers mask. That was enough to catch my attention and write it on my “to watch” list. By the way, I

Continuing with my drama world comeback, I decided to check the teasers from the drama Orange Marmalade. I had heard about it earlier in the year and wrote it on my drama list because I liked that it would be about vampires in a dystopian world. I’ve always liked things about vampires and Twilight didn’t ruin my interest in them. What also caught my eye was the actor chosen to play the main lead. I know about him because he is said to be very talented and has made a career for himself acting in

I want to start my comeback to the drama world by watching the trailers of the drama called “Ex-Girlfriend Club”. The drama is about the production of a movie based on a webtoon created by popular webtoon artist Bang MyeonSoo (Byun Yo Han) that is based on his past relationships with each of his ex-girlfriends.  Kim SooJin (Song Ji Hyo) is the movie producer that accepts the offer of creating a movie based on this webtoon without knowing that MyeonSoo, who is her ex-boyfriend, is in fact the webtoon artist. That alone was

So a couple of weeks ago I found out about a new drama called Producer 프로듀사 , and I found it interesting because the topic of the drama was about showcasing what happens behind the scenes of broadcasting companies. I’ve never watched a drama with a similar topic so I was intrigued. Even more so when I found out Kim Soo Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin were being cast in the drama. So I watched the teasers that came out week after week and here’s my written reaction on them.

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