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I know I must not have been the only one to become excited after knowing that Joanne would be acting alongside Aaron. First or all, I’ve seen many of her dramas and have always loved the underdog/charismatic characters she has played in the past. Secondly, I have not seen them act together before which is also why I’m excited to see how they work together and if they have chemistry or not. The drama they’ll be acting in is named Refresh Man, and it’s basically about childhood friends Ji Wen Kai

A while back I read around Facebook that JiSoo would be appearing in a new drama. I really didn’t know much about him, but since I’d enjoyed his character in Sassy Go Go, I decided one day to find information about his new drama. Which is how I stumbled upon the promotional picture the other day. Page Turner is a drama special of 3 episodes about a student and pianist named Yoon YooSeul, who after getting injured in an accident, faces the possibility of never being able to play piano again. With the

A couple of weeks ago, while looking for information on new upcoming dramas, I stumbled upon an article about a new drama which theme would be cheerleading and would have EunJi as the female protagonist. First of all, I have never seen a cheerleading drama before so I was already interested in it. I loved the movie Bring It On. Secondly, I’ve seen already two of EunJi’s dramas and she has definitely become one of my favorite Korean actrices. That was enough to get me interested in this drama titled Sassy Go Go

Hello everyone. Long time no write. Well I have been busy editing pictures and videos but I took some time today to react to more drama previews. My friends and I decided to create a drama club on Facebook to discuss dramas more in depth, and the first drama chosen for the club is I Remember You aka Hello Monster. I had read the sinopsis before and written it down on my to watch list because I’m fallen in love with dramas based on investigation.

When I heard that Dara would be on another web drama I was really happy for her. I’m one of those Black Jacks who is excited to see Dara doing solo projects. I hope more people get to know her and 2NE1 as well. I was also really surprised to see she would be acting along side WINNER’s leader, Seung Yoon. Those two look very cute together.

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