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I’ve been neglecting taiwanese dramas for a couple of months and yesterday I decided to look for some new ones on Viki. One of the first ones I saw was The Crossing Hero, and I decided to check it out because Jiro Wang was part of the cast and the drama poster looked cool. I clicked it and found out that it was a mixed of fantasy and action. That was enough to get me interested. WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!

I finally made my list on A couple of years ago my friend recommended this website to me, but at that time I really didn’t need it because I had my list written down in a notebook. Since my list has become longer now, I decided to make a profile and list all the dramas I’ve watched, dropped, have on hold, currently am watching or plan to watch in the future to publish it here on my blog. By the way, those are the options that appear on the website when you add a

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