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A while back I read around Facebook that JiSoo would be appearing in a new drama. I really didn’t know much about him, but since I’d enjoyed his character in Sassy Go Go, I decided one day to find information about his new drama. Which is how I stumbled upon the promotional picture the other day. Page Turner is a drama special of 3 episodes about a student and pianist named Yoon YooSeul, who after getting injured in an accident, faces the possibility of never being able to play piano again. With the

It’s been a couple of weeks since I sat down to write on my blog. Oh, how I’ve missed it. To get right on track, I started to look for information on new dramas and felt excited all over again like I did in January. To be honest, I wasn’t really that interested in the dramas that came out last month. Which is why I skipped writing about my top February dramas. There were dramas here and there which I saw a lot of positive comments on but not enough

[Re-Uploaded] As I said in Episode 1 of Drama Bite, Sassy Go Go was part of my top 5 dramas to watch before the year ends, but I went ahead and watched episode one before filming the video. I really couldn’t resist because I saw so many people online commenting about it, and I wanted to be part of the discussion. Which is why I decided to make a video of my first impression of the first episode of the drama to then continue the discussion on my blog.

Happy New Year everyone! First 2016 blog post about dramas. Another drama watching year has come and left, and there are many new dramas starting right away in 2016. So as always, I checked articles about new upcoming dramas, videos about others top dramas to watch at the beginning of the year, among other content to make a small list. The list is made up of Korean dramas only because I haven’t had the time to look up information on new Japanese or Taiwanese dramas. And even though I have

This list was easier to write than my Top 20 Kpop songs of 2015. That’s because I unfortunately didn’t watch many dramas last year. Which made it easier for me to go on YouTube and find each of the songs I liked from the majority of the dramas I watched. But that didn’t bring me down enough to keep me from falling in love with many of the songs. Better yet, there’s a bit of diversity in genres in this list. There are songs from Korean and Taiwanese dramas and, for

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