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Happy New Year everyone! First 2016 blog post about dramas. Another drama watching year has come and left, and there are many new dramas starting right away in 2016. So as always, I checked articles about new upcoming dramas, videos about others top dramas to watch at the beginning of the year, among other content to make a small list. The list is made up of Korean dramas only because I haven’t had the time to look up information on new Japanese or Taiwanese dramas. And even though I have

This list was easier to write than my Top 20 Kpop songs of 2015. That’s because I unfortunately didn’t watch many dramas last year. Which made it easier for me to go on YouTube and find each of the songs I liked from the majority of the dramas I watched. But that didn’t bring me down enough to keep me from falling in love with many of the songs. Better yet, there’s a bit of diversity in genres in this list. There are songs from Korean and Taiwanese dramas and, for

A couple of weeks ago, while looking for information on new upcoming dramas, I stumbled upon an article about a new drama which theme would be cheerleading and would have EunJi as the female protagonist. First of all, I have never seen a cheerleading drama before so I was already interested in it. I loved the movie Bring It On. Secondly, I’ve seen already two of EunJi’s dramas and she has definitely become one of my favorite Korean actrices. That was enough to get me interested in this drama titled Sassy Go Go

Two weeks of avoiding the inevitable after the drama’s conclusion, I finally finished The Girl Who Sees Smell aka Sensory Couple. Yes it was a bitter sweet moment, but I’m very glad I choose to watch this drama. I ended up really enjoying each character and their contribution to the story. As well as the ever so scary great antagonist.

Hello everyone. Long time no write. Well I have been busy editing pictures and videos but I took some time today to react to more drama previews. My friends and I decided to create a drama club on Facebook to discuss dramas more in depth, and the first drama chosen for the club is I Remember You aka Hello Monster. I had read the sinopsis before and written it down on my to watch list because I’m fallen in love with dramas based on investigation.

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