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After episode 6 of Refresh Man aired, I decided that it was time to start watching the drama. Reason being that sometimes I wait for there to be at least 4 episodes available to watch just in case I want to marathon the drama a bit. But after watching episode 1, I really wasn’t feeling it. Which is why it’s taken me so long to write this first impression post. I felt conflicted because it wasn’t going to be an overall positive one. But this is something I knew this

While checking out information about the synopsis of the k-drama Entertainer, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to write a Top April 2016 Dramas blog post. Weeks had gone by and that was the only drama that had caught my attention. That is until I went to check MyDramaList yesterday and stumbled upon two Japanese dramas that captured my interest.

Update: Dramaworld will be available for all who have a Vikipass on April 17. Those of us who do not will have to wait 15 days to watch the first episodes. I hope that those of you who have the pass enjoy the series. In the meantime, I’ll be watching a couple of dramas I have overdue.  Since things have not gone my way these couple of past days, I’ve been bummed out with writer’s block. But knowing very well that’s not very productive, I decided to get back up again and start

While looking for information on Taiwanese dramas, I saw a post in a group I’m part of on Facebook about a new gender bender drama that had recently started airing titled Bromance. Personally, I love gender bender dramas because they were some of the first types of dramas I watched and really enjoyed. So I decided to click on the post and read the synopsis. It really didn’t catch my attention at first. Which led me to do something I usually don’t do. I went to YouTube and checked if

I know I must not have been the only one to become excited after knowing that Joanne would be acting alongside Aaron. First or all, I’ve seen many of her dramas and have always loved the underdog/charismatic characters she has played in the past. Secondly, I have not seen them act together before which is also why I’m excited to see how they work together and if they have chemistry or not. The drama they’ll be acting in is named Refresh Man, and it’s basically about childhood friends Ji Wen Kai

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