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While looking for information on Taiwanese dramas, I saw a post in a group I’m part of on Facebook about a new gender bender drama that had recently started airing titled Bromance. Personally, I love gender bender dramas because they were some of the first types of dramas I watched and really enjoyed. So I decided to click on the post and read the synopsis. It really didn’t catch my attention at first. Which led me to do something I usually don’t do. I went to YouTube and checked if

[Re-Uploaded] As I said in Episode 1 of Drama Bite, Sassy Go Go was part of my top 5 dramas to watch before the year ends, but I went ahead and watched episode one before filming the video. I really couldn’t resist because I saw so many people online commenting about it, and I wanted to be part of the discussion. Which is why I decided to make a video of my first impression of the first episode of the drama to then continue the discussion on my blog.

I’ve been neglecting taiwanese dramas for a couple of months and yesterday I decided to look for some new ones on Viki. One of the first ones I saw was The Crossing Hero, and I decided to check it out because Jiro Wang was part of the cast and the drama poster looked cool. I clicked it and found out that it was a mixed of fantasy and action. That was enough to get me interested. WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!

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