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Good Morning, everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a Tweet related to a read along scheduled to take place in the month of July. And after reading more about it, I decided it’d be a good idea to participate. The read along, created by Kayla Rayne (Booktuber), is titled The Summer of the Sisterhood Readalong and it consists of dedicating each week of July to the first four books in the sisterhood of traveling pants series. Each week will be hosted by a different Booktuber and discussions will

Ayer por la tarde tomé un tiempo para acomodar todos los libros que se encontraban en mi cuarto. Mientras hacía eso, me vino a la mente el que desde hace tiempo no escribía sobre libros aquí en el blog. Así que comencé a pensar en que de ellos podía compartir con ustedes. Al mirar los libros que tenía en mano, me percate que sería buena idea compartir con ustedes los libros que compré mientras cursaba la clase de literatura puertorriqueña en la universidad. En mi tercer año de universidad, al trasladarme de un recinto de la UPR a otro, me dijeron que tenía

One upon a time, 2013 actually, I stumbled upon a video on YouTube while trying to find something Jane Austen related to see. The video was actually the last episode of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I watched a couple of seconds of it and realized it was actually a series. So I read the description box and looked for information on it. Which is how I found out that it was a web series adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in which Lizzie is a 24 year old grad student that

El año pasado decidí empezar a grabar videos para mi canal de YouTube. Dividí mi canal en cuatro secciones, y dediqué una de ellas a la comunidad de Booktube. Para empezar grabé 3 videos sobre el Booktube Newbie Tag. Este tag es básicamente una serie de preguntas que contestan los nuevos a la comunidad para presentarse en YouTube y dar a conocer un poco de ellos y su amor por los libros. Como grabé ese video en inglés, decidí hacer una entrada en mi blog en español para dar a

Finally! I was waiting for the opportunity to write more on this section. A couple of days ago I was looking through my bookshelf, and I found this book with a dragon on it. I, and I guess a lot of other people, am a fan of dragons. Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved to listen to legends, watch movies and cartoons about them. At first I was surprised I had it. After looking around, I realized that this book had been part of the bulk purchase I

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