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12 Days of Anime

This year when news broke out that something new related to the season one characters of Digimon would be released I freaked out. This news immediately brought back memories of a part of my childhood I miss daily. Being able to sit down and relax while watching anime. Even though I’ve watched almost all the seasons of Digimon, the season one characters have always been my favorites. I mean they did start of the journey of the DigiDestined and their Digimon. Other than that, I’ve always liked their story the most.

I dedicate the second day of this event to my favorite manga of all time, Akatsuki no Yona. A couple of months ago I was looking for manga related Facebook Pages to follow, and I stumbled upon a post with a Yona and Hak fan art. I was instantly curious to know more about the manga, and so I looked up the title online. I read the sinopsis and wanted to know more about Hak and Yona’s fate after escaping the palace but what really made me give this manga a

The first day of the 12 Days of Anime is dedicated to a very funny and enjoyable anime titled Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. A couple of months ago I stumbled upon this anime on a website while looking for what to watch on a very boring day. I became curious enough to watch it after reading that the anime was categorized as comedy/shoujo but had a boy as the protagonist. Which was interesting considering that usually the protagonists of shoujo related content are girls. I also thought it was cool that he was

Yesterday I stumbled upon a video of a YouTuber talking about Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun. Since I love that anime I clicked the video and noticed that its title included “12 Days of Anime: Day 2“. After watching the video, I decided to look for more information and found that his video was actually part of an event titled “12 Days of Anime”.

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