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It’s a new year and you all know what that means. New dramas! I’ve been checking up on various dramas sites to check out the story lines, and I’ve found some that have captured my attention. Though I still need to look for more information about the new Taiwanese and Japanese dramas for 2015. So this is the list of the Korean dramas I’ll start watching very soon. Just click on the picture to see the list on my Quietly profile. 🙂 Let’s Watch: 2015 Korean Dramas View this list on Quietly

This summer was a very active summer for me. I always spend my summers like most college students, recovering all the hours of sleep that were stolen from me during the semester or my bachelors degree as a whole. Take your pick. But this summer I went to many Kpop events and I went to the beach 3 times, which is more than I’ve gone in more than 3 years. Beaches…somehow they’re not my thing. One of the best places I went to this summer was to El Yunque. El Yunque National Forest, formerly known

When I was told I would be going to New York for a couple of days the first thing that came to mind was to visit a Kpop store. I didn’t know any of them at the time, but since many Kpop events have taken place in the big city, I thought that a Kpop store must have already opened in Korea Town. While looking for a store on google I fell upon a review on Koryo Books. I saw many people talking about it, and since it was less than 20 minutes

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