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March has come and go and with it many meaningful memories. Last month I found so many lovely pictures that I began to reconsider if doing IG Monday once a month was enough. From illustrations to food photography, to lovely house pictures and personal experiences showcased on the platform, March was a very nice month in terms of Instagram favorites. So without further ado, here are some of the pictures I really enjoyed stumbling upon. I hope you all enjoy them. Can’t wait to see what April has in store

Lately I’ve been logging into Instagram just to check out the explore section of the app. I’ve found so many new Instagram accounts with beautiful and cool pictures, that I continue to just check out that section because everyday I find at least 5 pictures I love. So when brainstorming what to write about next on my blog, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you all my favorite IG posts. Which is how IG Mondays came to be. What I have planned is to share with you all

Hello everyone. Long time no write. I’ve been out the blogging game for a couple of weeks now. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really feeling so well because of the absurd cold taking over the island and the air not being really favorable for asthmatics like myself. But the climate is going back to its normal Caribbean self, and I no longer wake up with a runny nose and headache. I’m feeling much better now, and have already started to brainstorm new blog post ideas and a couple of drafts. It’s been

A couple of weeks ago while looking for a new web series to watch, I stumbled upon an Instagram post about a web series that would be premiering soon titled “Social Medium”. That title surely sparked curiosity in me because I started searching about it in no time. While doing so, I found the Social Medium IG account along with the link to its YouTube channel. And as every other web series lover does, I watched all videos available on the channel. Why? Because even though the web series has

Hello everyone! It’s been 3 weeks since I saw anything drama related. I know I’m missing out on some good content since the girls in Anime & Drama Puerto Rico have been busy posting nice things about dramas. So today I’m jumping back into the drama world by watching some trailers of finished, ongoing and upcoming dramas. The last drama I watched was The Girl Who Sees Smell which is why some of the trailers I’m going to be watching are a bit “old”. So expect a couple of preview reaction blog posts

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