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Yesterday all I wanted to do after 2:00 pm was get on a train and head home. I was tired, stressed out and over everything. But on my way to the subway station, I stumbled upon a post on Facebook about Line Friends in NYC.  It said that their store on 1515 Broadway would be celebrating its grand opening. Since it was only a 20-minute ride from where I worked, and I really needed to find something to cheer me up, I decided to take the bus and head to the new

Before we get this overdue celebration started, I want to explain and apologize to you all for the lack of content on my blog. Since last month, I’ve gone through many obstacles concerning my health. First, there were two infections I had to deal with and during both, I began to experience pain on the left side of my body plus the loss of strength in my left hand. After weeks of dealing with it, I was able to get some x-rays done and then diagnosed with Scoliosis in the

A couple of days ago, one of my BFFs, her name is Zujeily, posted a message on my Facebook saying she had brought some snacks from an Asian market in Condado (San Juan) for me to try. First of all, that was enough to make me emotional. Gifting food to me is the most beautiful thing you can do. Just goes to show you that BFFs know best. Second of all, I was excited to try some new snacks. I’ve been seeing around social media all these awesome reviews on

I really have no idea if anyone will read this. Nevertheless, if you have stumbled upon this blog post, thank you so much for stopping by. I just wanted to give a quick update about my blog. Ever since I decided to pursue blogging, I always had in mind sharing my thoughts and feelings about my hobbies. When it came to writing about dramas, I wanted to do so many things that, little by little, I became overwhelmed and stressed out. Which is why ever since last year, I’ve fallen

Hello, everyone. How is May going for all of you? For me, this month seems to be going in slow motion. Or maybe I’ve just slowed down a bit. I’ve been catching up with a couple of Korean dramas I have overdue, filmed new videos for my YouTube channel, borrowed a couple of Ebooks from the NYC Public Library, and taking my time to write quality content for this blog. I have many things to talk about. And as you all know, I do IG Mondays on the first Monday of

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