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I’ve created a couple of fan-made videos in the past about dramas and music videos. While looking for some of them in my external hard drive, I came across the idea of uploading them to YouTube. So I did. Here are some of the fan-made videos I have created. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the video I made for the Korean drama “The Greatest Love”. But I hope you all enjoy the ones I have uploaded.

I love making videos about dramas but since Exo has so many teasers, I decided to combine different teasers as a music videos for my favorite song of their mini album titled Angel. I combined both Mandarin and Korean version. Hope you guys like it. I enjoyed making it.

So the thing is. I never really wanted anything to do with fanfics. Mainly because everything I ever heard of fanfics was that they were explicit and too sexual. I’m the kind of person who loves shoujo manga and loves to read romantic/dramatic stories. So one day one of my friends told me about this fanfic she was reading which she thought I would love because it wasn’t categorized as mature or explicit. I told her “well sure of course if you think I’ll like it then let me try

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