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Day 2 of the 12 Days of Anime will be dedicated to a very awesome manga I’ve been in love with for the past months. A couple of months ago, while dying of boredom because of the lack of Akatsuki no Yona updates, I decided to check out some shoujo manga. And for the next hour or so I did just that. Mind you, my searches are always extensive because I am picky with the types of female characters in shoujo manga. I absolutely dislike female characters who are pushed

Hello, everyone. Welcome to my very first 12 Days of Anime blog post. To start of this event, I thought it’d be okay to talk to you all about a very nice day from last June. On that day last summer, I was just doing a couple of things in my room on my computer and my sister was in the living room watching Tv. A little while passed by before I heard my sister say she was going to turn Hulu on to watch anime. So I got up

After thinking things through and organizing my schedule, I’m finally able to say that I’ll be participating in the 12 Days of Anime 2016 event. I almost didn’t make the introduction post deadline, since I was trying to figure out first if I could participate this year via my YouTube channel. But I guess this year I’ll be blogging for the event as well. In this year’s event, I decided to do things a little bit differently, since I really didn’t watch any new anime this year, and my to

Last month, I found myself bored while desperately surfing around the internet for something to watch. That day, I had seen all the episodes of Sister’s Slam Dunk up to date and really wasn’t in the mood to start another drama. So while scrolling through IG, I suddenly remember the liwcarecenter account I use to check out when I was watching web series on YouTube. Since months had passed by and I hadn’t seen any new literary web series, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to see what new content they had

Before we get this overdue celebration started, I want to explain and apologize to you all for the lack of content on my blog. Since last month, I’ve gone through many obstacles concerning my health. First, there were two infections I had to deal with and during both, I began to experience pain on the left side of my body plus the loss of strength in my left hand. After weeks of dealing with it, I was able to get some x-rays done and then diagnosed with Scoliosis in the

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