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Hello. My name is Kirstie Eileen Morales Alvarez, and I’m from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico (living in NY as of March 2017). I studied English at the University of Puerto Rico Humacao Campus and graduated in 2013. I’ve always loved writing poetry since I was little but never really thought about having my own blog. It wasn’t until 2011 that I actually discovered my passion for blogging while helping a friend. Since then, I’ve been blogging on free websites like WordPress and Weebly. It wasn’t until last year that I was finally able to purchase this domain and create my very own blog. I can’t begin to describe how excited I am to start my blogging journey.


Outspoken because I've always considered myself to be outspoken.
East because I've always lived on the east side of a country. Be it New York or Puerto Rico.

Outspoken East is a blog I created to share my opinion of various topics related to my favorite hobbies. I’ve always enjoyed writing about them and recommending others to join in. Which is how I came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to organize my thoughts in a blog. My main topics are Dramas, Books, Kpop and Anime because those are the hobbies I have mostly enjoyed for many years. I also share my photography on many of the blog posts related to my experience visiting places around Puerto Rico or attending to Kpop events around the island. Also, since I sometimes get the urge to write about topics that differ from my main ones, I’ve created a section titled Hello Readers. I also have a section of my blog that is in Spanish because I want to reach out to those who do not know English.

I want to share my opinion as a fan of the content I’m writing about in a way that shows how much I enjoy them, and how I’ve analyzed various factors to formulate my opinion. Which is why I have blog posts related to reviews. I by no means will sugarcoat my blog posts will vague praises. Just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I’m biased. I hate the negative connotation given to the word fan girl. If I like something or not it will surely be addressed. No matter what the popular opinion is. Ultimately, I just want people to enjoy themselves when they read my blog and feel identified as a fan of the same content. I want them to feel comfortable enough to express their opinions and be open to dialogue. That would be nice.

I’ve been blogging since 2011, mainly on the Puerto Rico Also Loves Kpop, about everything related to the Kpop community in Puerto Rico. But I’m ready to start this new phase in my life. I’m looking forward to writing new content and putting myself out there for others to see. I hope everything goes well. Thank you so very much for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy reading and commenting.

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Email: outspokeneast@gmail.com

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