12 Days of Anime 2016| Day 4: Finding an anime/manga community

12 Days of Anime 2016| Day 4: Finding an anime/manga community

I remember when I use to talk about anime all the time when I was a kid. When I was in junior high school, I enjoyed talking about anime with one of my best friends.  For example, I loved when we would talk about the latest episode of Inuyasha (we would get up as early as 5:00 am to watch) or how we use to love watching Ranma 1/2 every Saturday morning when we were kids. Years have passed by and the physical interaction with other anime enthusiasts has practically disappeared. I’m out of university and life has rendered me a shut in. Also, let’s face it, people interact more on social media and communities nowadays are on the web. So this year I tried to look for some anime communities online.

The first one I found on Facebook really didn’t cut it for me. At first, everything seemed fine, but then I started to see very troubling and disturbing behavior. Like inappropriate sexual/fetish comments about female anime characters and weird publications that were just out of line for my taste. I wanted a more friendly group to be part off. Many months passed by, and it wasn’t until last month when I decided to give this whole anime community one last try.


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While looking for pictures from Mizutama Honey Boy on Facebook, I stumbled upon the suggestion of joining a group named Shoujo Manga Guild. Since I’ve enjoyed reading shoujo manga for quite some time, I thought I’d be a good idea to check the group out. And now that a couple of weeks have passed, I’m happy to say I’m enjoying my stay in the group. Everyone seems really friendly and helpful. I asked for information on where to keep up with anime news the first week upon entering the group and many were nice enough to help me out. Until this day, I haven’t seen a post that is inappropriate or out of line, and I haven’t felt uncomfortable posting or interacting with others in the comment section. I’ve seen mostly posts about manga, but shoujo anime is also very much talked about in the group. I’m really happy to be part of the group. So if anyone is looking for a nice manga/anime related group on Facebook to be part of, I recommend you all check out Shoujo Manga Guild. 😊

Stay tuned for Day 5 which will be about my favorite anime/manga fan arts of the year.

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