12 Days of Anime 2016| Day 3: What the heck is Mystic Messenger?

12 Days of Anime 2016| Day 3: Mystic Messenger?

iFor several weeks now, I’ve been seeing my friend Fanny post on her timeline about Mystic Messenger and Yuri on Ice. At first, I wasn’t really interested in it. I thought it was a yaoi related thing, and I’m not really into that content. But then, I started to see fan art about Mystic Messenger on Twitter, in anime related groups on Facebook, on Tumblr as well, and so I decided to check out what the entire fuss was about. It turns out that Mystic Messenger (click here to read the games story description) is an otome game, which mind you I had no idea what that meant since I’d never played such a game. Basically, an otome game is one which story targets females and it’s goal, that can differ from the main plot goal, is to help develop a romantic connection between the female player’s character and one of the many male characters in the game. And yes, that was enough to kill all the interest I had in playing it. Don’t get me wrong, I like video games, mostly RPG’s like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, and Kingdom Hearts, but I’m not really the type of person to spend my time on a virtual relationship game. It’s just not my type of game. But, and here’s the catch, I really feel in love with the illustrations and fan arts I saw around the web, And thus became curious to see how the graphics were illustrated in the game. So I downloaded it and watched the introduction video. 

Wow! I really liked the art work and the colors they used in the video. Also, it kind of seemed a bit like a K-Drama video with the information on each character, the editing style, and the music. It was nice. And then, when I was about to log out, I saw something about a message and then I clicked it. I thought it’d be something from the game giving you a welcome to it or something like that. But it turned out to be a stranger who found a phone and was trying to give it back to the owner. That’s when I realized it was part of the actual game. And let me tell you something, the female character of this game is so irresponsible and naive. OMG! I was trying to get rid of that guy because it was getting creepy and unnecessary, but the game only gives you so many options. After trying to say “hell no. I’m not going anywhere” with the options I was given, the game eventually took over. I met the boys in the chat and I was surprised at how long the conversation lasted. Gosh! They are a talkative bunch. I tried my best to troll a bit in that chat and give answers I would probably say in that situation (or would come close to what I’d actually say or do). I did so just to see if this game could be funny and stray away from the whole developing a relationship thing, which I’m not interested in. And surprisingly, I laughed a lot with the graphics used by some characters and their bickering. It wasn’t that bad.

Will I be playing this game regularly? I think not. I was told you have to really commit to it since the male characters send messages every hour/two hours or so. And I don’t think I’ll be able to, especially not this week. Also, I’m not interested in the whole relationship building goal. What I’m really curious about is the plot and the mystery behind the female character meeting these boys. Seriously, she was tricked by a stranger because she did what he said and now is involved with the guys. Ha! I just want to know the reason of it all and the identity of the stranger. So, I guess maybe I’ll try it some other time or I’ll just follow along with my friend’s progress and ask her about it. She seems to really enjoy the game, and she’s almost done with it.

Have any of you played Mystic Messenger? Have you enjoyed it? Do you dislike it? Let me know.

Next up on Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas, is a blog post about how I found a nice anime/manga community to be part of.

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