12 Days of Anime 2016| Day 2: Mizutama Honey Boy

12 Days of Anime| Day 2: Mizutama Honey Boy

Day 2 of the 12 Days of Anime will be dedicated to a very awesome manga I’ve been in love with for the past months. A couple of months ago, while dying of boredom because of the lack of Akatsuki no Yona updates, I decided to check out some shoujo manga. And for the next hour or so I did just that. Mind you, my searches are always extensive because I am picky with the types of female characters in shoujo manga. I absolutely dislike female characters who are pushed around as if they had no say in life or the relationship, who are treated poorly by the male character they so much adore and his attitude doesn’t seem troublesome to her when it clearly is or is not assertive what’s so ever, among others. So when I came upon the manga Mizutama Honey Boy, the cover really didn’t grab my attention. It was very beautifully drawn and the flower on it was lovely, but there was so sign of the female protagonist on it. So it wasn’t until I read the synopsis and the type of character she was, that I decided to give it a shot. Oh! How glad I am I clicked on that first page.

For those of you who are not familiar with Mizutama Honey Boy, it’s centered around Mei Sengoku and Shirou Fuji. Mei, who is the captain of her school’s kendo club, is known for being an independent, mentally and physically strong girl who is always willing to help those in need. Shirou is a kind boy who is known for his abilities and love for things that are a stereotypically related to the female gender. (Basically, he’s the girly guy at school who can cook and sew.) Mei has gained many admirers in school and Shirou happens to be one of them. One day, he asks Mei to go out with him but is rejected by her since she is only focused on becoming a stronger fighter. But instead of giving up on the idea of dating her, the next day Shirou tells Mei that he will not give up on his love for her. And thus, their journey begins.

So far, I’ve read 23 chapters of the manga, and I absolutely love it. The chemistry between the two main characters is just so interesting and fun to watch. Little by little, they are getting to know each other more and their friendship is becoming strong and beautiful. Not to mention, their interactions are hilarious. Also, I love that they are getting to know themselves better with each chapter. I know many people tend to love a manga based on the progress of the friendship/relationship of the main characters, but I’m really happy that each character is given the time to grow and understand themselves. It’s not all focused on the romance. Personally, I want characters to learn and develop their sense of self before jumping into a relationship, and I feel like this manga does just that. And last but not least, let me just say how much I love assertive female characters in the manga. Mei is a strong and kind character with much room to grow, and I’m thankful for that. She’s not a perfect character no one can relate to. She is a teenager with many virtues but also many worries. She tries her best at everything she does and her perseverance and kind spirit is something many can appreciate. She’s just a girl trying to navigate through her teenage life. Also, I can’t forget about Shirou. He’s a total sweetheart and a nice change to a stereotypical shoujo male protagonist. His kindness and abilities make him an interesting and fun character. I can’t help admire his determination when it comes to him feelings. Overall, the manga is funny when you least expect it and serious or romantic when you think it couldn’t possibly be. The side characters contribute to the story and are a great addition to the dynamic between the two leads. I totally recommend it for anyone who is a shoujo manga fan.

I’ll stop writing now since I want you all to check out the manga as well. Let me cut back on my fangirl feeling while I wait for another chapter to be translated. I love the protagonists so much. Oh, the wait.!

Ps: Have any of you read the manga? What are your thoughts? Let me know.

Day 3 is coming up tomorrow and it’s all about this Mystic Messenger game. It’ll be my first time playing it. So stay tuned!

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