I really have no idea if anyone will read this. Nevertheless, if you have stumbled upon this blog post, thank you so much for stopping by. I just wanted to give a quick update about my blog. Ever since I decided to pursue blogging, I always had in mind sharing my thoughts and feelings about my hobbies. When it came to writing about dramas, I wanted to do so many things that, little by little, I became overwhelmed and stressed out. Which is why ever since last year, I’ve fallen

A couple of weeks ago, I was scrolling through my timeline when suddenly I saw a post that caught my attention. My friend Zor had posted a message about how she was thinking about creating a new account to do the new Hogwarts sorting hat ceremony. Which didn’t surprise me because many had done exactly the same after the Pottermore website was redesigned. But then I saw she wrote about another sorting ceremony for something called Ilvermorny. Which at first I had no clue what exactly she was referring to.

Good Morning, everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a Tweet related to a read along scheduled to take place in the month of July. And after reading more about it, I decided it’d be a good idea to participate. The read along, created by Kayla Rayne (Booktuber), is titled The Summer of the Sisterhood Readalong and it consists of dedicating each week of July to the first four books in the sisterhood of traveling pants series. Each week will be hosted by a different Booktuber and discussions will

El evento SHINee Anniversary: 8 years with SHINee, organizado por SHINee Shawols Puerto Rico Fan Club, se llevó a cabo el 22 de mayo en el Parque Forestal de Bayamón. El evento tuvo como fin no solamente reunir a los fanáticos de SHINee alrededor de la isla para confraternizar, sino que también para celebrar los 8 años de trayectoria del grupo. Como es de costumbre, el evento estuvo lleno de juegos divertidos y conversaciones entretenidas. En lo personal, me encantó participar en los juegos aun sin ser buena en las trivias, ya que nunca he sido el tipo de fanática que se dedica

Notes on K-pop: Mid-April Favorites Moving on with my K-pop April favorites, I have to say that for the second half of the month my list was rather short. I really thought I’d have more to talk to you all about, but not that many songs caught my attention enough to call them my favorites. But that’s quite alright. We all have slow months, and June is just around the corner. VIXX 빅스_다이너마이트 (Dynamite) I’m so happy that VIXX made a comeback with a dance song. Don’t get me wrong.

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